Simply Squared Away, was founded in Kansas City, Missouri by speaker and professional organizer, Tracy Hoth. Tracy is passionate about helping the overwhelmed become FREE from the weight of clutter (both physical and mental) so that they are MORE productive in their home and their office!!
Tracy Hoth, Kansas City Organizer
Are you ready to make change happen in your life?!!

Simply Squared Away can help! Tracy has an amazing way of turning overwhelm into action. Through her hands-on organizing (for those in the Kansas City metro area) and her virtual organizing (for those outside of the Kansas City area) she can help you get organized and move your thoughts into ACTION and your dreams into REALITY!!!

If you are looking for a speaker with practical content on the impact being organized has on life and you want your people to leave the presentation inspired to ACT…be productive…and move forward, find out more about Tracy Hoth’s compassionate, yet challenging presentations and workshops.

Is this you?

  • Do you feel “stuck”?
  • Are you OVERWHELMED or discouraged in your home?
  • Does it all look like TOO much and you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you look at your home, to do list, or office, then groan and walk away thinking you will get to it later? …But, later never comes and it just keeps building!

Take ACTION!!  Contact Tracy now!


Confidential · FUN · Non-judgmental · Inspiring · Compassionate

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