Tracy Hoth, Professional Organizer, helps women get organized.Before I had children I used to collect photos of organized closets. I filed them away (in a hanging file labeled “organizing,” of course) and knew one day I would help people get organized.

Starting Simply Squared Away

I soon had four young children and could only imagine how much harder and more chaotic it would be if I wasn’t organized. Don’t misunderstand, my house is not a showroom for organizing products and perfection. I would call it “real-life” organized. For the most part I know what I have and can find what I need when I need it which is the definition of being organized. But, I still wanted to help other women who were overwhelmed by their homes.

The time was finally right in 2008 when my youngest began pre-school. I couldn’t wait! I read every organizing book I found. I used website-in-a-day to create my website (but it took me several days). And I found my first client in Barnes and Noble.

I have updated my website since (whew!) and am now able to help clients one-on-one get organized, I speak on the topic of organizing to a multitude of groups, large and small, and I blog about simplifying and organizing. Because I still want to help more people outside of Kansas City I am focused on creating affordable, organizing products.

I love what I do!

Tracy Hoth was the 1977 Pet Pony Champion at the Minnesota State Fair and now helps women get organizedGrowing up

I grew up in Minnesota cutting wood to heat our home, showing horses and other animals and helping in our family’s enormous garden. I was the 1977 Minnesota State Fair Pet Pony Champion (very important to know, right?). We moved to El Paso, Texas when I was in high school – a big change. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing.



After college I moved to California for the summer and it was there that my walk with the Lord began. A beautiful Christian woman discipled me that summer while receiving her cancer diagnosis and starting treatment. During those weeks I had a new desire work with kids. At the end of the summer I moved to Kansas City to work as the Girl’s Program Coordinator in an inner-city youth outreach. After a few months in Kansas City I began attending Bible Study Fellowship and soon met my husband-to-be!

My family now

We have four teenagers and I love every minute of it. I was able to stay home with them for the first 10 years and then slowly started my business. Last year my second son was in a auto accident and was paralyzed from the chest down with a C5-C6 spinal cord injury. He has regained some muscle function below his level of injury and walks again but as my friend stated, “A lot was taken from him that night.” We have grown closer as a family and community through the whole experience. Him and I spent 6 months in another state at a rehab hospital. After settling back into life at home we went on a family beach vacation. The picture was taken there.

Tracy Hoth, owner of Simply Squared Away, family photo...helping women get organized.

I’m passionate to help women get organized

I want to help other women become “real-life” organized, too!  By simplifying, organizing and implementing routines we are able to move along on our organizing journey and use our gifts to bless others and carry out our personal mission.

Desk photo courtesy of Ryan Nicholson.

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