• Failure IS Necessary {plus Inspirational Video}

    Have you ever tried to get organized and failed? Failure is NECESSARY! And not as bad as you think! :)

    I tried doing a flip off the diving board in 1994 at a public swimming pool and landed flat on my back. Ouch. It hurt so much. I was determined NOT to be a quitter so went right back in line and tried it again. I landed flat on my back again. Ugh. That was […]


  • How To Teach Your Kids To Organize

    Learn how to teach your kids to organize.

    Ready for some practical organizing tips on how to teach your kids to organize? Here it is. TEN practical organizing tips just for you. Read over all ten tips and then pick just ONE to implement this week. Decide and commit to implement one. It might be easy or it may be more challenging but […]


  • How You Organizing Is Like Me Learning Facebook Ads

    I'm sharing how me learning Facebook ads is just like you organizing your home.

    This morning I was spending time going through a course I’m using to learn Facebook Ads. In the midst of managing my mind through the overwhelm and frustration, I thought of the similarities between my going through the course and everyone who’s in the process of organizing. Here I was reading the instructions and looked […]


  • STOP Doing This To Get Organized

    STOP doing this if you want to get organized. This one thing will ignite your actions to get you moving towards organization!

    Focusing on your problems will NOT make them go away. Focusing on your disorganization will NOT get you organized. Learn how to STOP focusing on the problem and instead, learn what to START focusing on. Do you ever do last minute cleaning right before company comes? Things like quickly wiping a cabinet or a spot on the floor? […]