I share 10 of my favorite organizing products I LOVE and use with my clients and in my own home!

Has anyone ever told you a description of what to buy, maybe a decor item, but when you go to look for it you can’t find anything similar to what they described. This sometimes happens with clients if I tell them what organizing products would work in a space. They go looking for it and are not sure what I mean and can’t find what they think I described.

My Favorite Organizing Products

So, today, I’m listing 10 of the products I LOVE and use with my clients and/or in my own home! These are my all-time favorite organizing products. These actually work to organize your spaces. I have included links to these products. Some are affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure here.


1. For the PANTRY – The Giant Lazy Susan

I LOVE these. I use these in the corners of all walk-in pantries. Make sure you get the largest ones, usually 16 – 18 inches. Things can get lost in those deep corners. Put the lazy susan on the shelf in the corner. It works best to place round items on a round lazy susan. I put all the cans on one and staples like oils, peanut butter, and condiments on another.

I share 10 of my favorite organizing products I LOVE and use with my clients and in my own home!


2. For the PANTRY – These Clear Bins

The other product I love in the pantry are these clear bins. I love the size, the simplicity, and the flat bottom and straight sides. Because I tend to be practical before anything else, I think it is easiest to use simple, inexpensive, clear bins like these. We bought 16 for a recent pantry project and we used them all. You can move them around, label them, see what’s inside PLUS they keep like-items together and give the pantry a uniform look.

These fancier ones or these are also good choices for the pantry if you don’t like clear plastic.

I share 10 of my favorite organizing products I LOVE and use with my clients and in my own home!


3. For the KITCHEN – This cookie sheet divider

In my new kitchen I had a cookie sheet divider built in because I love keeping platters, cookie sheets, muffin tins, and 9×13 pans upright. If you do not have one built in you need to get this divider. It’s wide and sturdy enough to hold pans, cookie sheets, trays, and muffin tins. I like how it sits low to the shelf. Get two or three, depending on the width of your cabinet, and make the whole cabinet hold these like-items.


4. In the kitchen DRAWERS – This silverware divider and these drawer dividers

I used to have a plastic cutlery divider but when I reorganized I bought bamboo. I love them. They don’t show crumbs and they look expensive, like they are custom made.

I use the silverware divider in my silverware drawer and in one additional utensil drawer. Then, I use the drawer dividers in another utensil drawer to create sections for long serving spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc.


5. For any CLOSET – These Baskets

If you have shelves in any of your closet (master, laundry, coat closet, etc.) these baskets look great. They are sturdy and I like the measurements for the typical 12 inch deep shelf. Put baskets on all the shelves in the space to create a high end, uniform look. They also add an extra layer of texture.


6. OFFICE SUPPLIES – 3 Drawer Organizer

I have used these simple, inexpensive drawer towers for years. We always have at least one in our kitchen desk cabinet. We have pens in one drawer, pencils in another, and then “supplies” in the bottom one. Supplies include chapstick, nail clippers, a few rubber bands, etc. Everyone in the house knows where to find (and put away!) these items. Put two in the cabinet if you have the space and put sharpies, postage, and post-its in the drawers. Don’t forget you can raise the shelf up to make them fit. I raised my shelf to fit a 4-drawer tower.

Get extras for your kids’ rooms. They could keep office supplies or makeup and makeup tools in theirs. This bigger size is great for an office closet to hold paper, postage/return address labels, stickers, note pads, and other office supplies.


7. For all DOORS – The Over-the-Door Organizer

The space on the back of the door is FREE organizing space! All you have to use is an over-the-door organizer. I also love this one and this one (for a nursery?) and this style.

When you need additional space, organize office supplies behind your office door, cleaning supplies on your cleaning closet door, wrapping supplies on your storage door, Barbies and smaller toys and accessories on your play room door, medicines on your linen closet door, hats and gloves on your coat closet door, hair and beauty supplies on the back of you bathroom door, and kitchen supplies on the back of pantry door. I’ve even seen camping equipment and live herbs in these organizers.


8. For the BEDROOM – Drawer Dividers

I love these dividers in dresser drawers. They are great for kids and adults. I use them in my drawer to divide dark and light socks, underwear, and bras. My kids have them in their drawers, too. It makes it easy to put things away and keeps your drawers tidy.

I share 10 of my favorite organizing products I LOVE and use with my clients and in my own home!


9. For your JEWELRY – Rod and S Hooks (17 inch) or this 25 inch one

I took down my old jewelry organizer that I had made back in the day. Now I am buying two of the 17 inch rods with S hooks to organize my jewelry. We have a small, unused wall right outside of our closet. These will fit perfectly and I love how easy and sturdy the S hooks are to hang necklaces and bracelets.

S hooks are amazing. You can use an organizer like this in the shower, in the kitchen for utensils or pans, for your keys, or in your closet for belts, accessories or tank tops!


10. NEVER lose anything – The Tile: 2 pack or 8 pack

It’s reported that we spend 55 minutes a day looking for things. Why not reduce that by attaching a “tile” to the item. If you can’t find it there is an app on your phone to find it immediately. Second, on the list of items we look for the most, is our keys (the first is our phone). Attach a “tile” to your key ring.

My friend gave these as Christmas gifts last year (great idea!) and this year she attached a tile to each of her new kittens and puppy so when she lets them out (on her property) she knows just where they are. What about attaching one to your toddler/younger child next time you go to a theme park or on vacation?


I hope one of my favorite products will help you get more organized this week! If so, please send me a picture at tracy{at}SimplySquaredAway{dot}com. What is your favorite organizing product? Please leave a note in the comments.


I share 10 of my favorite organizing products I LOVE and use with my clients and in my own home!  I share 10 of my favorite organizing products I LOVE and use with my clients and in my own home!

Tracy Hoth