For me, 2019 is going to be all about intentional thinking to create intentional results.

Choose your thoughts this year. Intentional thoughts lead to intentional results.

I love new beginnings.

A new year, fresh start.

For 2019, I’ve chosen several new thoughts that I will intentionally train my brain to think.

Changing your thinking, creating new neural pathways, takes hard work and a lot of practice.

Instead of “I can’t,”
I’m choosing to think:
What if I could?


Instead of “There is no way that’s possible,” 
I’m choosing to think:
What if it is possible?


Instead of “That is stupid,” 
I’m choosing to think:
What can I learn from that?


Instead of “I don’t know what to do,”
I’m choosing to think:
If I did know, what would I do?


Instead of “That was by chance,”
I’m choosing to think:
I created that because I thought ____.


Instead of “I might need that… I need to keep this… This might be worth something…”
I’m choosing to think:
I am only keeping what I use regularly in my life right now. God will provide all my needs.

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These are some of my favorite thoughts - free printable.
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To practice training your mind, follow these steps:

Decide what result you want this year.

What intentional results do you want to create this year?

An organized home?

More money?

A healthier lifestyle?

Be intentional with your thoughts.

To create these results you must be intentional with your thinking.

Choose a thought that will give you the feeling you need to take action.

Say the thought in your mind and concentrate on how it makes you feel.

Your thought will create a FEELING in you.

It’s from this feeling that you’ll take ACTION or NON-ACTION.

These actions or non-actions produce your RESULTS.

Train your brain.

Our brain will offer us all kinds of thoughts, especially the thoughts it’s used to thinking.

It’s being efficient.

Sometimes it’s like a toddler that wants its own way.

If we saw our toddler running through the house with sharpies or knives, we’d stop them, right?

The same goes for our minds.

Monitor your mind.

We don’t want our mind running loose with destructive or unmonitored thoughts.

Instead we watch/monitor the thoughts and then manage and redirect them.

What will your intentional thoughts be for the new year?

I am capable? I’m someone who gets things done? I can figure this out?

Do you want to learn how to do this better, how to intentionally choose thoughts and create the results you want?

Results like an organized home. More productive time management. More confidence. Happiness.

I can help.

I am a certified life coach and am trained to help teach you these tools.

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Tracy Hoth