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Hey Coach,

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and mentally drained while running your coaching business? Do you want to find a way to increase your efficiency and reduce the “mental load” you’re feeling?

I was intrigued when a client mentioned that they experienced a “relief in their mental load” from implementing the material in the Organized Coach Academy. She noticed that once this mental load was decreased she could focus better. Her decision fatigue was gone. She began to be more efficient and more creative in her business.

If you want the same, listen to the episode where I unveil six powerful foundations for organizing your coaching business.

Where you start isn’t as important as getting started. Ask yourself, “Which would cause me to feel the most relief?” and choose one of these six areas to start organizing: your mind, computer, assets, time, processes, or your launch. Start there.

If you panic and can’t imagine doing any of this on your own, join my workshop 3 Steps To Organize Your Digital Files to Save Two Hours a Week. I’ll show you exactly what to do and you’ll leave with a plan to organize your digital files. This has helped so many people!

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00 – Feeling the Mental Load
02:12 – Relief from the Mental Load
02:25 – Liz’s testimony
04:00 – Six Organized Foundations for Your Coaching Business
04:22 – Organizing Your Mind
06:15 – Organizing Your Computer
08:50 – Organizing Your Assets
10:54 – Organizing Your Time
12:20 – Organizing Your Processes
13:20 – Organizing Your Launch
15:32 – THE Question to Ask Yourself

Your Mental Load Reliever,

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Transcript with time stamps:

Here’s my question for you today. In what way are you feeling the mental load of running your coaching business? Have you ever used that term? Are you feeling it? Do you have decision fatigue?

Is that weighing on you? I know when I worked with people in their homes, they would say they just felt the weight of clutter. How are you feeling that in your business? One of my clients shared that term. She just said, I have just felt such relief from the mental load, and I’m going to share that clip with you in the context of what she was talking about.

We’re going to cover the six organized foundations for your coaching business. Six places that you can start organizing that will relieve that mental load. Real quick, a heads up, I’m hosting a workshop, 3 Steps to Organize Your Digital Files – TO SAVE TWO HOURS A WEEK!, actually to relieve the mental load. So if that’s you, you are sick and tired of making duplicates, not being able to find things, searching for things. Your computer’s a mess.

Your desktop is a mess. Join the workshop register today. The link will be in the bio, but it’s We’ll see you on the workshop.

Let’s get into this episode. Are you ready to work less and feel more organized and productive? Streamline repetitive tasks and implement systems that allow your coaching business to run smoothly even without you? If so, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Organized Coach Podcast, your go-to source for practical tips and solutions.

I’m your host, Tracy Hoth, professional organizer, certified life coach, simplifying expert, and most of all, down to earth fellow coach just like you. No matter if you think you’re missing the organizing gene, have ADHD, or just love anything organizing, I’m here to help you become an organized coach with a business that works for you. Pull up a seat and let’s get started. I want to start by playing the clip that Liz mentions, the mental load. This has really had me thinking about how to relieve that.

We don’t want to run our businesses with this weight, this load, sitting on our mind. I want to play the clip for you and then I’m going to talk about how do we relieve that? What do we do? Where do we start? I’m Liz from Liz Rose Coaching, LLC.

The biggest breakthrough for me after running through the Organized Coach Academy was definitely the time management aspect of it. Tracy teaches a very specific way to use a Google calendar that just really clicked for me. I’ve been able to be so much more consistent with it within my business because of the calendar and I just feel so much less of a mental mode every day because I know exactly what I’m to be doing because I’ve already planned it all out.

There’s one more clip I want to play where she talks about some words that are similar to mental load. I would describe it as a way to, at least for me, it was a way to reduce decision fatigue.

It was a way to have everything where I needed it so I wasn’t wasting brain energy finding things. And it was a way to just get new ideas and new ways that I can move forward in my business. Maybe because I’m newer at all of it and I’m not a naturally organized person, but it just was hugely effective for me. A lot of times I don’t think we realize how much our brain is weighed down. We are just going day to day.

We’re trying to get all our tasks done. While we’re coaching our clients, we’re making programs. We’re trying to just get it done that we don’t realize that load or that heaviness is there, and it’s actually keeping us from being able to focus or being able to be creative. I want to talk through the six areas. Let me say what they are first.

Number one, organize our mind. Start with that. The second one, organize your computer, organize your assets, organize your time, organize your processes, and then organize a launch. We need to organize how we’re going to make a profit in our businesses. Okay, let’s get started with our mind.

How do we organize our mind? What we’ve been focusing on most is how we’re thinking. And if we’re thinking like an organized CEO. And I have this picture of kind of an outline of a face with some gears inside of it, and it makes me really think about, am I thinking like an organized CEO? Am I running things through a filter?

Am I acting out and taking actions based on an organized CEO? Or is it just by the seat of my pants? Am I running from nervous energy? Am I taking actions just to put out fires as they come up? How is it happening?

That’s part of we’re Organizing these areas so that we can free up and we’re able to focus and we’re able to be creative, but we got to figure out what we’re thinking, what we’re believing about ourselves, about our business, about our ability to grow our Businesses. So Organizing our mind is the first part. And we know that those thoughts, those beliefs, those stories that we have about ourselves and our ability to act in an organized way are going to form the actions that we’re taking. Okay, then organize our computer. Well, I think I mentioned in the intro that I’m doing the workshop, the three steps to organize your digital files to save 2 hours a week.

This is key. This is what most people have had. The initial impact in relieving that mental load is by getting their digital files Organized. And I teach a really simple way to structure your digital files on your computer. You begin to use that structure as the filter when you’re bringing things into your computer.

It runs through the filter. It’s like it automatically has a place to go. You keep practicing that and practicing that until it’s so easy. Then when you go to find something, you know where it is, you can find it super quickly. You begin to name things exactly like your folders because, you know, and it’s embedded in your brain.

That’s kind of how I think about it. So if you’re not registered for the workshop, get on it. It’s free. You can begin to get this structure. And I love practical.

If you’ve never taken a workshop with me, you need to get registered for the workshop because I am going to tell you exactly how to do it. And then of course, make adjustments to the file names or you might want to add one more file. But I am going to give you the exact five files that every business needs and then teach you how to go from there and tell you exactly what to do. So when you get off that workshop, you are going to have a plan in place about how to continue organizing your digital files on your computer, your business files. But once that is organized, that alone is going to relieve that mental load for you, because you’re going to be able to find things when you need them.

That’s what organizing is. That is the definition of organizing. Knowing what you have and being able to find it when you need it. And even if you’re messy, so I am not. Remember, in my intro, I say I’m just like you.

I totally am. I have been working on a project and downloading all sorts of things onto my computer, and I’m in a pretty bad habit of just downloading it onto my desktop. And then I have a pretty good habit of going back in and putting those into the folders and the homes that they need to be in. But right now, I think I have, I don’t know, four rows of files that I need to clean up off my computer. But the thing is, I know where they go.

So it’s not a big deal. I know exactly where those files go because that file structure is in place. And having a computer and digital files that are organized relieves all of that mental load. The other part of the computer, I have episodes that you can listen to. The bookmarks bar, the canva episode from last week, all of those.

And there’s even a organize your digital files episode so you can go listen to all of those. But for sure, join the workshop. If you have a business, you’re a coach. You want to get your digital files organized. Okay?

So you’re organizing your mind. You’re starting to think like an organized CEO. You’re organizing your computer now. You can find things when you need them. And then number three is organizing your assets.

This kind of is also on your computer, but this is, in my mind, everything that you need to find. And it’s organized in an amazing way. So I give out the business dashboard. It’s what I’ve used, been using. I’ve just made it as I’ve organized myself in my own business.

And it has things like, I have a page for expenses. It has all my expenses on there when they’re taken out during the year. I have a page where I track my KPIs. So I have certain numbers, not a lot that I track. And it’s the first page of the business dashboard.

I have my expenses and I have my SOP catalog where I keep track of my processes that are documented. There I have links in my podcast. I have affiliate links. I have my offers, all the free things that I have made and have given and the workshops and the little trainings.

All of those are in there. I have my goals for 2024. 2023 in there. There was one other thing. I was going to share links.

I have all the links. That’s the page I think I use the most. Remember, I did three workshops last month? I think they were all, well, they were in October and November. And I have every link that I needed for those workshops.

I highlight the workshop name, and then I have the sales page, the instructions, the checkout, the waitlist, the thank you page, and the replay in a handout. All of the links are right there. So every time I write an email, every time I have to DM someone a link, I just jump in there and it’s one click. It’s on my dashboard, and I can get to it. And it’s so easy.

The mental load and the time that I save, because I know exactly where it is. So I do want everyone in the world to have that set up in their business. Organize your mind, organize your computer, organize your assets, and then the time. Organize your time. And this is what Liz was talking about.

I loved how that was most impactful to her. And I remember in one of the calls that we had, she said, it really doesn’t take me as long as I thought it did to do the things that I want to do. So we kind of worked that week on a time audit and looked at what we were spending Our time doing and what we wanted to do as the minimum in our business and how to separate out projects versus minimum requirements and how to set those things up. But then what she mentioned is my technique for using your Google calendar so we don’t have to learn any new programs in order to do this technique. It’s all on the Google calendar, and I don’t want to go into it.

That could be its own episode. Maybe I’ll do an episode on that. But it’s just a super simple way for us to break everything that we want to do down, and then a way that we put it on our calendar so it shows up every week, and then we plan our week, we slide it into place. That, in itself, for her, relieved that mental load. Now she just knows what she’s doing, and she doesn’t have to remember from month to month.

Oh, did I track my KPIs? No, that’s on there. It’s on there. And we slid it into place when she was going to do it, and then she knew what she needed to do. So when we have an organized calendar, when we have organized time, our mental load is relieved, and what can we do?

We can go focus and be creative. We can work on our projects that we want to move the needle on to grow our business. Okay, number five, processes. We want to organize our processes.

This is big, and I’m kind of in the process of doing this and documenting them. We all have a process. It might not be what we want it to be. It might be kind of random. We might not think that we have a process, but we do.

But we might want to improve on it. And then once we improve on it and decide, I’m going to be repeating this process, then we want to document it so we can be more efficient and eventually, so we can hand it off to someone else. Organizing and documenting our processes really frees up our brain. So when you go to do the thing that you need to do, you don’t even have to think about it. You just look at these steps and you take those actions, check them off as you go.

And done. It’s easy. There’s no drama in your mind. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by it because you have a list right there in front of you that you can check off. And then finally organizing our launch.

In our businesses, the goal of having a business is to make a profit. And so when we have an organized launch, we are going to have a better chance of making a profit. And the better we get at organizing our launch, the better we get at improving it, simplifying it, streamlining it, handing parts of it off. Then we have the ability to scale and to make more of a profit. So that’s my goal as I’m launching organize Coach Academy.

It’s the second time I’ve launched now, and I’m documenting the processes as I go. So I’m writing things down. I kind of started this on the first launch, but it was such a busy time that now that I’m doing it again, I’m really trying to streamline my launch process and have it all written down. So next time around, I just go to the checklist. I have everything I need right there.

I have links included. I know where to go, what order to do things, and it’s more of a seamless process. And just as I say that, I can see in my mind it’s a seamless process. That means my mind isn’t loaded down, doesn’t have that mental load, that heaviness, because it’s all right there in front of me. I have it written down.

I have a launch process and I have it organized. So here’s my question. Which of these for you would give you the most relief? Often people ask, where do I start? I’m not sure.

What should I do? Which one of these should I start in? It’s fine. You don’t have to. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer.

You get to decide. One of the questions I like people to ask is, what would give me the most relief? What would help take that mental load off of my mind so that I have the freedom to focus and to be creative and to enjoy myself and to get things done super efficiently? Would it be organizing, working on the mind part? Would it be organizing your computer, organizing your assets or your time documenting processes or really focusing in on your launch?

One thing I want to point out, we’ll probably talk about this in the next couple of episodes, but the launch process, you can launch if you’re a one on one coach. Also, you can create that launch process you don’t have to have a course or a mastermind. You can do it with one on one coaching or even a digital product. Whatever your answer was when I asked what would give you the most relief, that’s where you should start organizing your business. If you still are thinking in your mind as I say that, Tracy, you have no idea.

My mind just doesn’t work like that. I would have no idea. So much drama shows up. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to that.

But I do want the relief. I do want that mental load off of me. I want to be able to be creative and focused. Then get ready because the doors will open to organize Coach Academy and I will walk you through and teach you everything you need to know. Those doors will open December 7 and start by getting on the workshop.

The workshop is December 7. It’s 3 Steps to Organize Your Digital Files – TO SAVE TWO HOURS A WEEK!, and I will teach you. You can see if you like my style in that workshop and you can have a plan when you leave to be organizing your computer. And I’m closing with another clip from Liz about how she would describe Organized Coach Academy. I just loved this.

If I had to describe the Organized Coach Academy to someone, I would describe it as a very affordable results pack program because you’re investing a small amount of money but getting huge results. Because when you’re organized, your brain is able to focus on being creative. At least that was my experience. I was able to organize all the back end things so that my brain was able to be creative in how I’m going to continue to grow my business. Have a beautiful, beautiful day and go register for the workshop.

Wait. If you’re finding this podcast useful, you must check out the Organized Coach Academy. It’s my course where I walk you through every step to get your business organized, to get yourself organized, to save money and time, to prepare, to hire someone to do all the things that you want to do in your business with ease. Check that out at Also, I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but I would love it if you would leave a review.

It’s my way of knowing that you’re enjoying the podcast. If you leave, leave a written review. I have lots of freebies for you. They’re linked in the show notes. You can find them in my bio on Instagram at @Tracyhoth.

Until next week, have a beautiful day.

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