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If you have been doing any of the following:

  • keeping all of your processes and organization in your head
  • waiting to be creative until you clear off your desk
  • thinking more about all that you have to DO instead of thinking about your clients and what they need
  • staying stuck and overwhelmed because of your ADHD
  • dreaming of one day having a team but not knowing what to do first

Then you will LOVE this episode.

Listen in as Cynthia Coufal and Dustie Gimblet share their struggles, what drew them to want to get organized, their experience inside Organized Coach Academy, and the UNEXPECTED benefits of organizing their businesses. 

When you learn the skills of organizing, they spill over into all the areas of your life – time management, thinking more organized, feeling more confident, etc.

…And that’s a magical thing. Let’s go!

The key moments in this episode are:

04:23 – Cynthia’s Motivation to Get Organized
05:49 – Dustie’s Need for Organization
06:47 – Expectations from Organized Coach Academy
09:29 – Impactful Concepts
13:49 – Importance of Systems and Organization
14:58 – Freedom and Calmness in Organization
16:36 – Technology and Efficiency
18:41 – Organization in Business and Life

Your Transformation Expert,

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Connect with guests:

Cynthia Coufal
Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn
Cynthia empowers teenagers to uncover the root causes of their anxiety, guiding them toward cultivating a more peaceful mindset. Through her content, she provides valuable tools and techniques to help silence the inner alarms that go off in teenagers’ minds and bodies. Be sure to check out The Teen Anxiety Maze Podcast designed not only for teens seeking anxiety relief but also for parents looking to understand how to engage in meaningful conversations about anxiety with their children.

Dustie Gimblet
Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn
Dustie is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional through Peak Performance Sports and an Advanced Deep Dive Certified Coach. She helps golfers lower their golf scores, have more fun when they play, and win more tournaments by focusing on the 90% of the game that is often overlooked – the mental part. Dustie works with other athletes as well, general life coaching 1:1, and mentors other coaches.

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Transcript with time stamps:

[00:00:00] Tracy Hoth: Your life is being affected by disorganization. Your business is being affected by disorganization. This week’s episode, although it’s similar to last week in that I have two guests who are talking about their business, I want you to listen to it from the perspective of Where am I? Where am I in my business?

How is disorganization affecting it? What does it look like? One of my guests has ADHD and she talks a little bit about that. So listen in this week and start imagining the possibilities of what it would be like. to have an organized business, at least to move toward, you know, move toward organization, little steps at a time and have someone on your side that can guide you, lead you, problem solve with you.

As they share in this episode, it is a gift. One of the ways you can do that, of course, by listening to the podcast and all that I try to share with you here, but the other way is to get into Organized Coach Academy, where we’re going to systematically go through each part of your business and teach you organizational skills, teach you mindset thinking, so you’re thinking like an organized CEO.

I’m going to be walking with you every step of the way. We’ll be closing registration soon and starting this round of Organized Coach Academy on January 5th. Get in there. I can’t wait to take our next group through and you will be creating organization. You’ll be saving time. You’ll be feeling more confident from what these five ladies shared.

It is going to be an amazing experience. The registration page is simply squared away dot com forward slash O C A. Now listen in as Dustie Gimlet and Cynthia Koffel share their takeaways. How it’s changed their life to be in Organized Coach Academy. Are you ready to work less, feel more organized and productive, streamline repetitive tasks, and implement systems that allow your coaching business to run smoothly even without you?

If so, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Organized Coach Podcast, your go to source for practical tips and solutions. I’m your host, Tracy Hoth, Professional Organizer, Certified Life Coach. simplifying expert, and most of all, down to earth fellow coach just like you. No matter if you think you’re missing the organizing gene, have ADHD, or just love anything organizing, I’m here to help you become an organized coach with a business that works for you.

Pull up a seat and let’s get started. The question comes up, why does it matter that your business is organized? And what does it look like as you’re thinking about getting your business organized? What would that look like? What does it look like for different coaches? And one of my favorite things is hearing people’s stories.

And so today we have two guests, Dustie Gimblett and Cynthia Koffel, and they are going to be sharing with us about their business, what made them want to get it organized, and then what that exactly looks like. So welcome both of you. Why don’t each one of you start just by introducing yourself. Tell us what your business is and what you do, Cynthia.

Why don’t we start with you? All right.

[00:03:24] Cynthia Coufal: Well, I’m Cynthia Coufal and I am a teen anxiety coach and I started my business as just all emotional regulation, but anxiety is huge and I. I was in public education for 31 years and a school counselor for 25. So I worked with teens my whole entire life. So it just seemed like it made sense to keep doing that.

I have a podcast that goes along with it. Nice. What’s your podcast called? The Teen Anxiety Maze.

[00:03:52] Tracy Hoth: Love it. Okay, Dustie, what about you?

[00:03:54] Dustie Gimblet: My name is Dustie Gimblet. I’m a golf mindset coach and I help golfers lower their golf scores, have more fun when they play, and win more tournaments by working on the 90 percent of golf, which is the mental side of golf.

[00:04:08] Tracy Hoth: Ooh, I love it. Mhm. We’re talking about the topic of why it matters to get your business organized. Each of you are at kind of different stages. And so tell me about that. Tell me what made you want to get organized. Did you feel like you weren’t organized? What were you experiencing that made you think like, I need that?

[00:04:25] Cynthia Coufal: Well, I Was organized in my mind, but I didn’t have anything on paper. I mean, when I dream about my business five years from now, I picture a team and there is no way that a team can see what’s in my mind and do the things that are there. So part of my motivation to get organized is that I just keep telling myself.

This is going to help my team. This is what I’m going to hand off to my team whenever that is or whoever it is, but it’s going to be so much easier. And as I’m organizing my stuff now, I’m seeing how many times I duplicated things over and over again, because I didn’t know I had it because it was lost.

You know, like things that I created were so far down in a pile of whatever that. I probably wasted a ton of time recreating things because I forgot that I had them.

[00:05:18] Tracy Hoth: Oh, that’s such a good discovery. As long as you don’t turn it into shame or something like that. Right?

[00:05:24] Cynthia Coufal: Well, there’s a tiny bit of that, but mostly I’m like, Oh good. I’m finally figuring this out. Yes.

[00:05:30] Tracy Hoth: Dustie, what’s your story?

[00:05:32] Dustie Gimblet: Well, I did a lot of contract coaching and now I’m not doing that anymore. I realized I need to be organized so I can create more because it was kind of blocking the creativity to produce content for clients or workbooks for them. You know, things to sell to them.

I just kind of shut down my brain because it’d be like my desk would be messy, my files and my computer wouldn’t be easy to find. So I just felt like if I get really organized, then I’ll have more time and I can create more.

[00:06:01] Tracy Hoth: I bet so many people can relate to that, that they just have to get this cleaned up.

They just have to finish this. They just need to do that before they can think about their client, create for their client, make stuff. Both of you joined Organized Coach Academy. What in that were you most looking forward to or thought you needed?

[00:06:22] Cynthia Coufal: I wanted some kind of a, I don’t know, almost like a template or a checklist or something like how, how do I look at this big mess either in my head or, you know, I download so many things and my, and still, I mean, even though I’m, I’m slowly working on this and trying not to get it too overwhelmed because there’s a lot of things to organize, but my download file or whatever is still.

You know, just full of stuff. When I go back to the very beginning, I’m like, I don’t even need this stuff anymore. I just wanted like something that kind of said, look at this first and here’s how you could organize it. I like to do things my way, but I wanted something that just told me like where to start or how to, like how I could organize it.

And then I can kind of make it my own after that.

[00:07:09] Tracy Hoth: Mm. That’s what so many people deal with. I think just having been an organizer and done homes and offices with people in person is just where to start. Like, what do I do first? It’s all so overwhelming that the thought of starting, even if they can start, then they don’t see that progress.

Then they kind of quit. Dustie, was there something that made you that, or that you were most excited about, thought you needed the most?

[00:07:34] Dustie Gimblet: I needed everything. No, I’ve worked with you before in your other academy, and I knew how you simplify everything. You have a very trustworthy personality, you know, and you don’t judge.

So you kind of start where the person is. And I felt like I would be safe to not like, say you’re talking like module six, you talk about launching. Well, I haven’t launched anything yet. Right. And I didn’t feel bad about that. Because. That’s not where I was at yet. So I just worked on where I was at. And then when we would meet in the group, I would say, okay, Tracy, I’m having a really hard time putting it in these five folders, you know, and you’re like, that’s okay, you can do it the way that works for you, you know, and it got me started with my digital files.

Yeah, it’s nice to have someone kind of helping you get motivated because when it is overwhelming, you want to just. Get up and walk away from the office. You don’t want to get in the weeds of it. And so like when you have the groups, like I would do office hours and just kind of, okay, I’m working on this office hour.

Cause it just like that community, that extra support helped a lot.

[00:08:41] Tracy Hoth: Well, I love that about you first. Thank you. That’s such a compliment to say that it felt safe. Because that’s ideally what I want it to be. And there’s people in there at such different levels. Some people haven’t even started their business.

Some people, you know, have a super successful business. So that is great. And thank you for letting me know that. It’s fun because we were able to do that. We, we were able to go through each lesson, each theme and work on the new part. But people that were still organizing their files, totally fine. We need to work at our own pace through all of it.

Was there any material or concept that you felt was most impactful for you? Well,

[00:09:22] Cynthia Coufal: I loved the podcast catalog because my podcast is three years old. 0I, it’s going to take me a really long time to actually create the full catalog, but I love that I have this framework in place where I can start. I can just start where I am.

I can start putting my newest episodes in there and I can always go back and add the other ones later. And maybe that’s what a team member will do. And if I have some of it done for what I’m doing right now, then I can always turn it over and say, do it like this. You know, this is the way, this is the steps and this is what it looks like.

Then somebody could probably go in and add all the previous. Things that I have done. And I do think that I have most of that stuff somewhere. I mean, it’s changed a little bit in three years. That was super helpful to me. And I loved just it being a group, you know, sometimes people want one to one help getting things done.

Of course, you know, that’s helpful in a different way, but the group was really, I like hearing that other people struggle with organization. I like hearing that somebody tried a certain. Tip or trick. And then we all learn from that. And I just think anytime you’re in a group situation, there’s just so much knowledge that gets shared and people ask questions that I didn’t, I wouldn’t have thought to ask for myself.

But then when they ask them, I think, “Oh my gosh, I want to know the answer to that too.” The group atmosphere is the best. I feel like I learned more in that setting.

[00:10:51] Dustie Gimblet: I liked the digital files, cleaning those up and it’s saved me so much time already. So I’m just excited. To keep working on the modules and I’m thinking, gosh, if I got so much time from just that one module, what’s going to happen when I get through all the rest of them?

You know, so I’m excited to see what I will be creating. You know, because that was the goal, right? To save myself time

[00:11:17] Tracy Hoth: and… Yes, and now you’re going to be able to create. I like that I gave that foundation of how to set it up, but you said, Can I do it in here? Is it okay if I do it this way? And then you’ve been working on it that way.

You’ve continually, like you had shared that you didn’t want to organize. Your files or that, you know, your mind didn’t want to do that. You didn’t want to spend the time, but yeah, you’ve been diligently doing it. Yeah.

[00:11:45] Dustie Gimblet: Yeah. I think I remember we were in a digital files and I was working on my files and I’m thinking, “Okay, Tracy, I don’t want to put them in this big can bought these big files, like the main five.”

Then you said, “Well, you can do it the way you want.” Today, getting ready for this podcast, I’m like, “Oh, I’m starting to see the value of putting them in the big five.” It just takes you a little more time, you know, and that’s okay.

[00:12:12] Tracy Hoth: I thought that was kind of fascinating too. That’s fun.

Well, we actually talked through what you were going to do instead, which would easily convert into the five. If eventually you want to do that. Yeah. Cynthia, you talked about the template for the podcast catalog. I was going to mention that my daughter did that for another client of mine. She went in and filled in the entire template for her.

I think it took her, I don’t know, three hours or less. She also had a lot of podcasts. So it is something that someone three hours

[00:12:44] Cynthia Coufal: or less. That sounds amazing. I’m thinking like months. Oh

[00:12:50] Tracy Hoth: Well, I don’t know exactly what you’re keeping in there but yeah, she was and then she you know, younger people seem to be faster at digital stuff than Older people, I don’t

[00:12:59] Cynthia Coufal: know.

That’s true. It’s not always the case. But I, I’ve been writing down like the steps of everything I do so I’m ready to actually put it in, you know, I’m just writing them on paper right now and then I’m going to transfer them to digital files. But some of the things I do are really clunky and I feel like Is it clunky?

Because I don’t know a better way, which is probably the case because like, I’m not a digital native. And so everything I’ve learned about everything did anything technology I’ve taught myself. So I’ve only taught myself basic things that I needed to know to move on to the next thing. And so I know there’s easier ways.

To do what I’m doing and I don’t know what they are so that, but it’s helping me as I’m writing this down and I’m like, this should not be like this. So now I’m starting to think, okay, how can I do this differently? So

[00:13:46] Tracy Hoth: that’s helpful too. We talked about systems. We talked about creating systems or documenting them in our business, but that’s one of the things.

To bring the calls so that we can say, Oh, I do that. And then that’s happened a few different times where everybody can kind of chime in on how they do it. And it’s so helpful. It’s so fun because different people are better at different things. Yep. I love that. What other ways is having your business organized, helping you?

[00:14:13] Cynthia Coufal: Well, when I’m not overwhelmed with where is all this stuff or there’s too much stuff and I can’t. Even think straight, um, just like Dustie said, I have the capacity in my brain to create new things because I am always creating things for my clients or for my podcast, or I’m rebranding. So there’s a whole bunch of stuff with that that I’m trying to create, and I feel like my brain has the space to do it because I’m not.

overwhelmed with I don’t know where things are, or there’s too much and I can’t deal with it. And there’s still a lot of work that I need to do. But that’s what I loved about kind of what Dustie said about your approach and your personality is I just felt free to do it how in the timing that I could do it and the way I wanted to do it.

I never felt pushed or rushed to because we had the different modules each week and I never felt like Oh, I have to hurry up and get this done so I can go on to this thing. It was just, you know, totally fine. However, I needed to do it, and the time that I had and putting it in my calendar the way I wanted to and all that just felt really calming.

[00:15:25] Tracy Hoth: I think just having it organized is going to help me to have the brain power to create and make more things. Even for me, I think about this question and yes, I’ve practiced the skill of organizing a lot. Thank you. And I’ve helped people figure solutions out. So as I’ve, but in my own business, it’s still like I have to work on stuff and figure it out and it’s easy.

I have bad habits of just downloading stuff wherever they want to go. But every time these little areas of my business are organized, I get so excited. So our business dashboard and I can just jump in there, get the link, jump in there, get the links. Go to this, put. Okay. I just did this today. I’m like, Oh, yeah, I can put that in my idea tracker landing page and not have to figure out every time I want to write something down.

I’m like, Oh, yeah, I have a place for that or going to my bookmarks bar or this week. I just. Finished recording the bonus episode on organizing Canva. So I did a few different tutorials and I just realized how much time I’m going to save myself by getting certain things in Canva organized. So for me, being able to create this course has helped me implement it.

I get so excited. So I’m like, think of people that had never heard of any of this, how beneficial it is.

[00:16:42] Cynthia Coufal: Yeah, technology is so helpful in getting organized because there’s so many, so many apps and programs and stuff that do so many things. And I, I learned about those things in these kinds of courses and in groups where people are talking about that stuff.

I want to know those things so I can make my time more efficient.

[00:17:02] Dustie Gimblet: Yeah, I was just thinking about, I think it was under organized your processes module, you know, just kind of resourcing things out as well. I hired a VA because things take me too much time for that. And, you know, you were talking about hiring an accountant to help you like, look at what you have the mind capacity for.

If you don’t, can you hire it out? It also carried over Just my general house cleaning. And like, I started organizing closets and I want to organize everything else and it’s wonderful.

[00:17:32] Tracy Hoth: I did that same thing. Do you think that you’re thinking differently about organization or what do you think spurs that on for each of you?

[00:17:40] Dustie Gimblet: I think for me, it was like, like you said, you get that dopamine hit when you get your digital files all like, wow, look how much faster it is for me to find this file for my clients, you know, and I would do some session summaries and send them workbooks and things like that. And it’d be like, oh, gosh, where did I put that now?

It’s like, I can get that done in 5 minutes. And so I was getting that dopamine hit. So there was that reward. I think getting the closet cleaned. Oh, that’s so nice. Yeah,

[00:18:08] Cynthia Coufal: I was thinking that too, is that it just feels so good. I, I like purging anyway. Like, I’m not somebody who keeps a lot of stuff. I’m not, you know, I don’t like collections or any of that stuff anyway, but I didn’t maintain my organization there.

When I started doing this, I’m like, Oh, I can totally maintain it. And here’s, you know, I just need to put a few things in place, or I need to just go back through and make sure everything is where it needs to be. And I have closets that I haven’t organized that I’m going to, and I’m very excited about it.

It just feels like your whole life just kind of falls into place, which I love.

[00:18:41] Tracy Hoth: Well, that’s so fun. It’s affecting not only your business, but the rest of your life too. And I like. That the five organizing steps that I teach apply to organizing our business, organizing our closet, organizing our mind.

It all does tie together. So just as we Use it in our business. It overflows into the other parts of our life too. Let’s go to different people. So there’s someone out there who’s just has a completely disorganized business and they’re almost feel like, I don’t know, where either of you in that case.

[00:19:16] Cynthia Coufal: I didn’t have anything in place.

I still am working on getting things in place because it’s not that I didn’t. No, I needed it. I sometimes wonder if I was looking at my business like, well, if it becomes something, then I will, you know, and that’s not the right way to be looking at my business. I need to be looking at it like it is something.

When I look five years down the line, you know, I see this successful business. So I need to be treating it like a successful business now by doing these organizational things, because that’s the only way it’s going to be able to scale. And You know, be profitable if I know what I’m doing and I have things organized.

But like I said, it was organized in my head, but that’s like a secret to everyone else. I could, you know, nobody else knows what’s in there. And it probably changed from time to time because it was in my head. Now, if I have it on a piece of paper or in a digital checkoff, Uh, list or whatever, I will be able to say, okay, and now I did this.

Now I did this and there’s been a few times in the last three years that I thought I did something because there’s so many steps and they’re all in my head. And then it was the day of my podcast coming out and I would look and I would be like, Oh, I didn’t upload the file to have the podcast. And so, and it was just because I don’t, when it’s all in your mind, you can forget some of the steps.

[00:20:35] Tracy Hoth: Yeah. So creating those or documenting those and creating checklists, super helpful. What else would we say to someone who’s wondering or thinking maybe they should get their business organized?

[00:20:50] Dustie Gimblet: I think it’s essential to get your business organized. If you want to be serious about your business, it’s not a hobby, you know, and your clients are counting on you.

It can be, um, very disappointing with your clients. If you don’t get your business organized to, I think we need to think about the client and you had a worksheet on, um, the happy client, you know, I think it’s important for your client to serve them, to be organized, even if it’s hard for you, because you and I’ve talked, I have ADHD and that’s an executive function skill that is a little bit harder for me because I don’t enjoy it sometimes.

You know, I’d rather go do something else, but. It’s been great. Like when I just talked about the cause, it’s like I’m getting this dopamine hit, like I’m starting to enjoy it, which is nice. And I can actually get organized and, you know, I don’t have to keep buying that story about myself. You just have to get the shift it’s and believe that you can do it and get the, uh, like we talk about maintenance, it’s very important to maintain.

You have to get a system in place for maintenance. If it’s just like an hour, once a week, you’ve got to. Put that in the calendar.

[00:21:55] Tracy Hoth: Yeah, and we do talk about that when we’re planning our time and how to put those things in the calendar. That’s such a good point you made about the story you have about yourself and you thinking that you’re not able to organize or you’re not organized and so many people have that.

What do you say to them? Like, how did that shift take place for you?

[00:22:17] Dustie Gimblet: I think it started with the digital files stuff when you were helping me on the computer in that group class and it was easy like it was kind of like you and I’ve talked to like part of the ADHD people don’t realize is a lack of the blood supply to the prefrontal cortex when they’re in Overwhelm in that, um, concentrated state.

A lot of times they only have it for about 15 minutes stuff that is harder for them that they think they can’t do. So maybe, you know, you do it for 15 minutes, take a break 15 minutes, but then it takes so much time, right? Once I was able to see that I could do it when you were helping me in the class.

Then I thought, “Oh, let’s go!” And I didn’t, it wasn’t overwhelming. I felt like my brain was functioning at a higher capacity, which was great.

[00:23:04] Tracy Hoth: Did I answer your question? And it’s so inspiring. I hope people hear that and sign up for the next organize your digital files class, because that’s where it starts, I think.

Then we can, you know, we move into organizing the other parts of our business, but I find that starting there is most beneficial for people.

[00:23:24] Dustie Gimblet: Sign up, you can’t go wrong with Tracy.

[00:23:27] Cynthia Coufal: No, that’s all good.

[00:23:30] Tracy Hoth: Yeah.

[00:23:30] Dustie Gimblet: Well, that’s all I have to say.

[00:23:33] Tracy Hoth: Yes. I’ll help find solutions. We’ll figure it out together. And you guys all have lifetime access, so you’ll be in there.

That’s what I love is that you can take as long as you want on a module and get to where you want to be in that, and then move on to the next step when you’re ready.

[00:23:52] Cynthia Coufal: Mm hmm. That’s what I loved about it too, is that I thought, okay, I can do this at my own pace. I don’t feel rushed to try to get it done.

It’s just there waiting for me to go on to the next step whenever I need it.

[00:24:04] Tracy Hoth:  The other thing, I think of it like an onion where you’re peeling back a layer. You go through your digital files, you peel back layer, you go on to the next module and go through, but then you’re going to come back and you’re going to be like, Oh, I could peel two layers off this time and straighten them up or purge a little bit more each time.

[00:24:23] Dustie Gimblet: If you want to grow your business. You have to get organized. You just can’t because you’ll just stay stuck at that one level, in my opinion, because you’ve got to figure out ways to be more organized and increase that time management, you know, that creative process.

[00:24:38] Tracy Hoth: It’s so fun to hear that you are saving time.

Like you already are noticing that you have more time because you can find things that you need faster.

[00:24:49] Cynthia Coufal: Definitely. Yeah, and not wasting time, recreating things three and four times. I mean, I couldn’t believe how many times I found something. One of my thoughts were,  “Oh, I already made that before.” I was just spending a lot of time making the same thing over and over again.

[00:25:05] Tracy Hoth: Oh, this is so fun. Thank you all so much for being here and just. being an encouragement to people out there that are feeling, I don’t know, embarrassed, ashamed, or that they’re not even at the level where they need to get organized. And also I think you two have shown how it carries over, like the investment of it in one area of your life is going to affect the other areas too. That’s pretty exciting.

[00:25:30] Dustie Gimblet: My closets like it. I can find shoes better now.

[00:25:36] Tracy Hoth: That’s so fun. Okay. How can people find you if they need help.

[00:25:40] Dustie Gimblet: You can find me at Set a free meet and greet if you’d like to work with me. I work with golfers. I work with other athletes as well. Dr. Cohn, he has a PhD in applied sports psychology that I trained under and he sends me fencers, hockey players, basketball players, tennis players.

I also work with general life coaching and mentoring other coaches.

[00:26:06] Cynthia Coufal: I am at I’m also @CynthiaCofillCoaching on all the social media. Then my podcast, The Teen Anxiety Maze is on all the podcast platforms.

[00:26:19] Tracy Hoth: Thank you. Any last words?

[00:26:22] Cynthia Coufal: Just thank you for creating this because it is super helpful and I can just see so many people needing this and it finding it useful in every area.

[00:26:32] Dustie Gimblet: Thank you, Tracy. You’re so nice and calm and loving and it’s just great to work with you.

[00:26:38] Tracy Hoth: Oh, what a great way to end. Okay. Thank you both so much. Wait, if you’re finding this podcast useful, you must check out the Organized Coach Academy. It’s my course where I walk you through every step to get your business organized, to get yourself organized, to save money and time to prepare to hire someone to do all the things that you want to do in your business with ease. Check that out at Also, I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but I would love it. It’s my way of knowing podcast. If you leave a written review, I have lots of freebies for you.

They’re linked in the show notes. You can find them in my bio on Instagram at @TracyHoth and until next week have a beautiful day.

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