I just had to share this!! I bought an advent calendar last year and now my kids are staring at me every moment, every morning and after school and waiting to see what is behind the door for the day. Sad to say they have written most of the fun activities for me. My seven year old loves to write them! So, I said maybe we all should come up with ideas and I will mix them up and put them behind the doors. They didn’t like that. Obviously not as fun for them!

Then, I thought of the great idea to google some ideas! I asked my daughter to do that because I was cooking dinner. I LOVE the fact that the kids’ computer is right in the kitchen at the desk. The first site she pulled up was this awesome one that I want to share. Click here to get some ideas from Kami @ Momformation Blog! Love the pictures, too!  Also, read the comments…funny! Or, here to get ideas from Dionna  @ Code Name: Mama (amazing ideas). Or, here to get ideas from Karen @ Monkeyin’ Around!

So far we have had hot cocoa as a family, made gingerbread houses…

…played a game together…Today we made my childhood favorite Angel Food Candy (also known as Sponge candy)! I have never made this before and I forgot how long getting candy to 300 degrees on the candy thermometer takes…forever. Then we have to dip it in chocolate! To do that I needed a double boiler. Lo and behold NO one has one for me to borrow! Everyone has gotten rid of theirs (me included) becasue they never used them! What do you know…such purging friends I have!? I ended up just using the microwave!

Leave some of your advent calendar ideas below!

Tracy Hoth