Let’s connect. I will ask you a series of simple questions and together we’ll come up with a plan. I can’t wait to help!


What if This happened to you, too?

“Thank you, Tracy!  After our call together, I am on fire with cleaning and organizing!  Seriously, it’s been life-changing!  In the past, I have had so many mental and emotional reasons that I have held onto belongings that were no longer serving me.  The mental shift you helped me to achieve has me letting go with ease.  Not only have I donated loads of unneeded physical “stuff,” but my mental shift has also helped me to let go of deeply-held beliefs which no longer help me to show up as my best self.  Thank you!”  – L.M.

Which will you choose?

Option 1 –  A year from now you look back and think, “Scheduling that phone call was the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Option 2 – A year from now you look back and think, “I’m in the exact same spot I was. I should’ve taken advantage of the call with Tracy.”

Believe in yourself enough to make the appointment. 

I’ll take it from there.