Certain people can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. It takes motivation, focus and determination. I had a client recently, Megen, who did just that!

We had finished an organizing session and at the end of the session we had decided on some things that she could do before we met again (her “homework”). THREE days later she sent me pictures of the things she had completed! I was blown away and so impressed at how much she accomplished in such a short time! She earns the Simply Squared Away’s Award for “Above and Beyond Homework Completion.”

I wanted to share the before and after pictures. Megen had a wonderful space that she was using as her sewing and quilting room. She was ready to organize it, display her fabrics and create a system to know what projects she was currently working on. She wanted the room to have a creative, put together feel to it. Here is part of it before:

Her homework was to paint a dressing table that she already had. It would replace the current embroidery table. She also needed to paint the peg board that was in her garage and put those things in place. Remember, THREE days later she sent me this picture!

I love the “clean” feel I get when I see this finished area! I told Megen that it made me want to come have a cup of tea and learn how to quilt with her! We could probably get an entire quilt done in less than a day!

Hopefully you will be inspired to accomplish a project of your own today!

Tracy Hoth