Follow the link to the article on whether blog carnivals are beneficial to your blog.

Janet Barclay of the Organized Assistant asked me share on the topic of blog carnivals. Read my story about why I participate in Blog Carnivals.

Here is a snippet of the article:

As a blogger who struggles keeping up with my blogging amidst my regular business duties (clients, speaking, coaching, etc.), my family (a wonderful husband and four active kids) and other necessary responsibilities – laundry, cooking, exercising, volunteering, sleeping – I thought being a part of a blog carnival was a beneficial endeavor for the following reasons:

  1. Each month the blog carnival would give me a topic to write on which would decrease my having to think one
  2. I would be challenged – possibly – to write on a topic I wouldn’t normally choose
  3. Writing each month would keep my blog current – at least monthly
  4. It would help my readers get more information and content by going to the carnival and reading other professional organizers’ posts
  5. It would give me the appearance of an “expert” – one who is involved in something bigger in the area of their expertise
  6. I could “meet” other professional organizers by reading their posts
  7. I could make connections, possibly grow relationships and grow “name recognition” among colleagues
  8. And, then, who knows what other opportunities could arise…

Do you blog? Do you participate in Blog Carnivals? Please share a benefit you receive in the comments!

Janet’s December carnival is on the organizing topic – “Reflection and Planning.”

Tracy Hoth