• 5 Tips to Make Doing Laundry EASIER For Yourself

    professional woman sharing how to make doing laundry easier

    How many of you have issues with laundry? I hear this all the time. Clients say, “Laundry is my nemesis!” I’ve been a professional organizer for 14 years and have been in many people’s homes and seen a lot of laundry issues. Today, I’m sharing my top five tips to make doing laundry easier for […]


  • The 5 Steps to Plan an Organizing Project – From Start to Finish

    professional organizer saying how to plan an organizing project

    How do you PLAN an organizing project? Easy, we follow the five organizing steps. This is something we do every single month in Organized Life Academy. At the beginning of the month, we have a new focus and we plan our projects. Now, everybody plans independently: we don’t plan the same thing because all of […]


  • How to Organize a Space by Starting at the END

    fun, attractive professional pointing to text "How to Organize a Space by Starting at the End"

    Think of a project in your house that you have been avoiding… because you think it’s overwhelming. You can organize any space by starting at the end. The project you are thinking about may have a lot of decisions that you don’t want to think about. Those decisions might be tough, especially if you’re the […]