• A Simple Practice For Emotional Coronavirus Times

    Try this simple practice during these emotional coronavirus times. It's helping me.

    I use this simple practice to help me through these emotional, coronavirus times…when it all seems like too much. Watch the video below. This morning I read my daughter’s Facebook post where she shared pictures from her week titled “Another week of quarantine…” She’s a high school senior. The governor announced this week that Missouri […]


  • Organizing Rule #3 – You Only Have One Thing To Do

    Organizing Rule #3 is You Only Have ONE Thing To Do. Did you know that? You can only do one thing at a time. Think about your tasks and to do list like that and it will change everything.

    This is the third of four concepts that will change the way you organize and manage your home. If you missed the first two… #1 – You don’t have to do anything. Click here to read #1. #2 – There is no right or wrong decision. Click here to read #2. And now… #3 – You only have ONE thing […]


  • Organizing Rule #2 – There Is No Right Or Wrong Decision

    Organizing Rule number two is "There is no right or wrong decision. Just make a decision and move on. Support your decision. Decision making takes practice.

    I’m sharing the second of four organizing rules that will change the way you manage and organize your home. Each week consider the new concept. See how everything shifts as you drop your old beliefs and old patterns of thinking. Here was Organizing Rule #1 – You don’t have to do anything if you missed it. Organizing […]