• 5 Super Helpful Tips for Organizing Kid’s Toys

    Use these 5 tips to help you organize your kid's toys today!

    Organizing kid’s toys can be overwhelming. One day you look up and wonder how all these toys got in your house! Use these five super helpful tips for organizing your kid’s toys today. 1. Create a toy library. I love this idea. It will take a little work up front but it’s totally worth it. […]


  • Sample post with video

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  • 10 Thoughts I No Longer Choose To Think

    I no longer to choose to think certain thoughts. Here are my top ten.

    I’m noticing that my brain offers me several thoughts that are not benefitting me in ANY way. So why do I keep thinking them? Because my brain is efficient and good at thinking these thoughts. Until now. I’ve decided to refuse to think them.  Here are ten thoughts I no longer choose to think. “It’s […]


  • Sample post with blockquote

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