• 10 Thoughts I No Longer Choose To Think

    I no longer to choose to think certain thoughts. Here are my top ten.

    I’m noticing that my brain offers me several thoughts that are not benefitting me in ANY way. So why do I keep thinking them? Because my brain is efficient and good at thinking these thoughts. Until now. I’ve decided to refuse to think them.  Here are ten thoughts I no longer choose to think. “It’s […]


  • 6 Things About Organizing I Learned From Coaching

    After being an organizer for 12 years I still learned more about organizing through coaching.

    After being a professional organizer for twelve years, there were still six things I learned about organizing from my training as a certified life coach. 1. The only reason you’re not organized is a sentence. You’re disorganized because of a sentence in your brain that you are believing. That’s it. There is nothing wrong with […]


  • Getting Organized – The ONLY Thing That Matters

    What if I told there was one thing that mattered when getting organized, and it's not what you think?

    I’m sharing the ONLY thing that matters when getting organized…And it’s not what you might think. Take a minute to think about this. It’s kind of deep and unexpected so it might take more than a minute. The HOW doesn’t matter. HOW you get organized, the program or the steps, is not what will get you […]


  • 10 Important Documents to Prepare Now {Before You Die}

    There are 10 important documents you need to prepare now, before you die, so your loved ones are prepared. Find out what they are and download a free checklist.

    What if you died (or got deathly ill) tomorrow? Would your loved ones know where to find important documents? Do they know how to pay the electric bill to keep the lights on? Would they be able to find the life insurance policy? Does anyone know the password to get into your computer? Here are […]