• How Do I Let Go Of The Things I Love

    How do you let go of the things you love? I give you answers? Do you really love them? Are you treasuring them?

    How do I let go of the things I love? Maybe you’re thinking thoughts like this: I really love everything. It’s all special. It all has memories attached that are meaningful. I don’t want to let go of anything. First, I wouldn’t get rid of things you genuinely love and use and treasure. But, heres […]


  • Five Easy Places to Start Organizing Right Now

    I'm sharing the exact steps AND five easy places to start organizing right now.

    I’m going to share five easy places to start organizing right now. Pick one. Use the tips I share and organize one of the five. You know you want to get your home organized. You even FEEL like doing it. (Wait, what!?) But, where do you start? Five easy places to start organizing. I’m giving […]


  • How to Overcome Overwhelm And Get Organized

    Did you know its not all the stuff that is causing you to feel overwhelmed! I'll tell you what it is and what to do about it so you can get organized!

    Most people feel overwhelmed when they start thinking about getting organized. I’ll show you how you can overcome overwhelm and get organized. My stuff is overwhelming me. Maybe you think it’s all the stuff causing you to feel overwhelmed and dread. You look around and all you can see is STUFF. Most people blame the […]


  • 2019 – Intentional Thoughts, Intentional Results

    Choose your thoughts this year. Intentional thoughts lead to intentional results.

    For me, 2019 is going to be all about intentional thinking to create intentional results. I love new beginnings. A new year, fresh start. For 2019, I’ve chosen several new thoughts that I will intentionally train my brain to think. Changing your thinking, creating new neural pathways, takes hard work and a lot of practice. […]