• How to Get Your Home and Life Organized: An Interview

    smiling woman in baseball cap with text overlay "How to get your home and life organized."

    In this interview by Business Success + Life Coach, Debbie Shadid, Tracy talks about getting your home and digital life organized with her philosophy of The Power of One (one system for each area of your life).  We know that clutter in our lives, whether physical in our home, digital in our business, or otherwise, distract […]


  • Getting Organized: Tips from a Professional Organizer

    smiling professional woman with text overlay "Getting Organized: Tips from a Professional Organizer"

    Even just thinking about where to START organizing can be quite overwhelming. In today’s podcast interview, Gretchen talks to Tracy about getting started, managing clutter, letting go of things, and maintaining that space when you DO get it all put together. Tracy shares how our mindset impacts our ability to do the basic steps to […]


  • What? Organizing and Mindset Can Help Your Kids Get Better Grades?

    a young girl listening to headphones with the text overlay "How to help your kids get better grades"

    This week I’m sharing the top tips for helping your KIDS GET BETTER GRADES! How, you ask? It has to do with, you guess it… organizing! We set up organizing systems and learn how to help shape your child’s mindset about homework and grades. Helen Panos, of Smart Parents Successful Students Podcast, and I shared […]