• How To Pack An Organized Suitcase + Free Packing Planner

    Learn how to pack an organized suitcase using my free packing planner. Never feel overwhelmed or disorganized packing for a trip again.

    Do you dread packing? Do you long to be less stressed, even organized when you pack for your next trip? Read on to learn my best {simple} packing tips with AND see a picture inside my suitcase. Plus, grab a free copy of my Packing Planner PDF. Using this will make packing easy and organized. […]


  • Clutter-Free GIFT Ideas for the Holidays

    Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for the Holidays is ready to inspire your holiday shopping. It's full of ideas so you don't add more clutter to your loved ones' lives.

    The holidays are right around the corner and the dreaded challenging task of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones has been added to your to do list. Have no fear. I’ve compiled a list of clutter-free gift ideas for you to consider. This post is not sponsored but does contain some affiliate links. Here we […]


  • Podcast Interview – Help, I Can’t Stay Organized

    In my Maximized Minimalist podcast interview with Katy Wells, I share what to do if you can't stay organized no matter what you've tried.

    Is this you? No matter what you try you CANNOT get organized? In this episode of the Maximized Minimalist Podcast, Katy Wells asks me some great questions. Have a listen here. Read on for some of my highlights: Two organizing misconceptions I often hear. What I’d say to people who think they are not “naturally […]


  • How To Keep Organizing When You Want To QUIT

    How to keep organizing when you just want to QUIT.

    When you are sick and tired of organizing and all of it is stupid and you hate everyone and you just want to give up, how do you keep going? I remember reading the message and instantly knowing I wanted to be a part. It said there would be a contest. I love contests. The […]