• My Favorite Organizing Books and Teachers

    My simple list of favorite organizing books and teachers...choose just one to begin and then focus on implementing what you learn.

    Implementing, rather than just consuming information, is key. I try to be selective about what I’m reading and spending my time learning because I want to make sure I implement it, not just consume it and forget it. Today, I’m sharing just a few of my favorite organizing books and teachers. Choose one of these […]


  • You Are The Perfect Person To Get Organized

    Did you know YOU are the perfect person to get organized? Find out why.

    Did you know? YOU are the perfect person to get organized. YOU – the one who’s never done it before. YOU – the one who is terrible at making decisions. YOU – the one that has all the kids and spouse that makes a mess behind you. YOU – the one that has laundry piles […]


  • Failure IS Necessary {plus Inspirational Video}

    Have you ever tried to get organized and failed? Failure is NECESSARY! And not as bad as you think! :)

    I tried doing a flip off the diving board in 1994 at a public swimming pool and landed flat on my back. Ouch. It hurt so much. I was determined NOT to be a quitter so went right back in line and tried it again. I landed flat on my back again. Ugh. That was […]


  • How To Teach Your Kids To Organize

    Learn how to teach your kids to organize.

    Ready for some practical organizing tips on how to teach your kids to organize? Here it is. TEN practical organizing tips just for you. Read over all ten tips and then pick just ONE to implement this week. Decide and commit to implement one. It might be easy or it may be more challenging but […]