• Clutter-Free GIFT Ideas for the Holidays

    Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for the Holidays is ready to inspire your holiday shopping. It's full of ideas so you don't add more clutter to your loved ones' lives.

    The holidays are right around the corner and the dreaded challenging task of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones has been added to your to do list. Have no fear. I’ve compiled a list of clutter-free gift ideas for you to consider. This post is not sponsored but does contain some affiliate links. Here we […]


  • Want To Get Organized? Think Organized Thoughts! {+ Free PDF}

    If you want to get organized, start thinking organized thoughts. Download the free PDF and practice thinking these until they become automatic.

    Train your brain to think organized thoughts. Doing this will create the organized life and home you desire! We don’t have to eat cake when someone offers us a piece of cake. Right? In the same way, we don’t have to listen and believe and hold onto the thoughts our brain offers us. Thoughts like: […]


  • 5 Organizing Books I Recommend

    Want to get your home organized? Here are 5 organizing books I recommend you start with.

    If you want to get your home and life organized and are looking for a book to read, here are 5 organizing books I recommend. Read one of the books I recommend and then join me as we IMPLEMENT it in Organized Life Academy! Yes, it is about the steps to get organized, but more […]


  • Four Tips To Reach Your Organizing Goal

    I share 4 tips to reach any goal...especially your organizing goals!

    Do you have a goal for this month or this year? I learned a few things in December about goal setting and wanted to share four simple tips to help you reach all your goals – especially your organizing goals. I’m going to share the specific example of the goal I had in December. Plus […]