• The ONE THING To Move the Needle to Get Things Done

    professional woman pointing at the #1 with text overlay The One Thing That Wil Move the Needle to Get Things Done

    What is the ONE THING that will help you get organized the fastest or the most direct way – the one thing that will help you get things done? The other day I was organizing my crafts (and I don’t have that many crafts because my kids are 18 and older). I was gathering all […]


  • 4 Tips to Help You Organize Your Crafts and Hobbies (or anything really)

    professional woman smiling about the tips to help you organize

    Hey, everyone! Today I am sharing tips about how to organize your crafts and hobbies. It’s the perfect timing because we are organizing crafts and hobbies in Organized Life Academy. I’m going to share four quick tips that will help you organize your crafts and hobbies. These tips will transfer to ANY organizing project you […]


  • 3 Huge Keys to Start Organizing Your Home Today

    professional woman with text overlay "3 Keys to Start Organizing Today"

    How do you START organizing? I have three huge keys to share, so you can start organizing your home today. You can’t get finished organizing until you get started. And sometimes STARTING is the hardest part, right? That is how it is with me. For many of us, the idea of ‘starting’ builds up to […]


  • 5 Tips to Make Doing Laundry EASIER For Yourself

    professional woman sharing how to make doing laundry easier

    How many of you have issues with laundry? I hear this all the time. Clients say, “Laundry is my nemesis!” I’ve been a professional organizer for 14 years and have been in many people’s homes and seen a lot of laundry issues. Today, I’m sharing my top five tips to make doing laundry easier for […]