• How to Organize a Space by Starting at the END

    fun, attractive professional pointing to text "How to Organize a Space by Starting at the End"

    Think of a project in your house that you have been avoiding… because you think it’s overwhelming. You can organize any space by starting at the end. The project you are thinking about may have a lot of decisions that you don’t want to think about. Those decisions might be tough, especially if you’re the […]


  • Why You Cannot Get Organized & Four Things You Can Do Today

    professional woman thinking about why she cannot get organized

    What happens when we ask the question, “Why can’t I get organized?” I want to share with you why it’s not a useful question and what to do instead. The first thing we need to know is what it means to be organized. Being organized means that you know what you have, and you can […]


  • The Exact FIVE Steps To Declutter and Organize ANYthing

    professional woman smiling with text "the 5 steps to declutter'

    These are the exact FIVE steps to declutter and organize ANYthing…and everything.  Watch this video to learn the steps. Or if you prefer to read, scroll below the video. If you want to declutter and get organized, these are the EXACT steps to make it happen. But first let’s look at what being ORGANIZED means. […]