• GO Month Project

    This month, here in Kansas City, a group of local professional organizers worked on a GO Month project together to organize for a cause.

    NAPO sponsors GO Month NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) sponsors Get Organized (GO) Month every January. Now in its fifth year, GO Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of getting organized and of hiring a NAPO professional organizer. The Kansas City Hospice House provides medical and nursing care for patients facing […]


  • Delayed Decisions

    Take a minute and walk through your home or office. Look around. Open closets, cabinets, drawers… Do you see junk? Stuff? Piles? Clutter? Now think about this: Clutter is really just delayed decision making. Couldn’t decide what to do with this…where to file that…if you needed to keep or donate this. Couldn’t decide on a […]


  • Eating Tips and Tricks for the New Year

    Eating tips and tricks for the New Year

        Each new year brings great expectations…or great frustrations from having such great expectation! Food is such a common struggle that I thought it would be beneficial to address the issue. Please help me welcome guest blogger, Hillary Monroe, MS RD LDN. Hillary is a registered dietitian and contributor for Everyday Health and its […]


  • Organizing is like Exercise

    Organizing, like exercise, is a lifelong process. One way to approach it is making organizing a routine and making it fun.

    When I thought about the fact that I would have to exercise for the REST of my life the thought was kind of depressing. I knew then that I would need to continually find something that motivated me (which often changes) and that I would have to enjoy it – or at least different aspects […]