• What are you practicing?

    Have you ever thought about what you practice on a daily basis? The more I think about it the more I realize how good I am at certain things because I practice them every day. For example, complaining about how cold I am in the winter time, putting on lip liner, cooking dinner, sorting through […]


  • February’s Blog Carnival

    National High Five day is April 18th.

    A Blog Carnival is an online magazine. On the first day of each month, our Carnival of Well-Being proudly presents fresh articles from local bloggers who are experts in one aspect of well-being. Each blog post is packed with information you can use immediately to enhance your well-being. How to Play Step 1. Click a […]


  • A Quote

    I just found this quote written on the corner of some notes of mine: “Nothing great becomes great without overcoming great resistance.” ~Brian Klemmer Isn’t that….great! Remember we CAN overcome great resistance – whatever it is – there is hope! And we become better because of it! I hope that is encouraging to you with […]


  • GO Month Project

    This month, here in Kansas City, a group of local professional organizers worked on a GO Month project together to organize for a cause.

    NAPO sponsors GO Month NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) sponsors Get Organized (GO) Month every January. Now in its fifth year, GO Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of getting organized and of hiring a NAPO professional organizer. The Kansas City Hospice House provides medical and nursing care for patients facing […]