• Personal Accountability

    Practicing the Question Behind 'The Question' trains your thoughts and narrows your path toward accomplishment and accountability which is truly life transforming!

    I just finished reading John G. Miller’s book QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. Everyone should read this book and everyone should start applying it to their daily lives. When you read the book you will understand why that sentence is so funny. Mr. Miller teaches us about personal accountability. He explains how the questions […]


  • The 123’s of Organizing

    Learn the 123's to organizing just about anything in your life.

    The 123’s of Organizing apply to just about any area of your life. The 123’s of Organizing can apply to organizing your home, your closet, your car, your family menu, or just about anything else in your life. Here I will feature before and after pictures from Megen’s quilt studio. Below is the row of cabinets […]