• Tips for Organizing Small Spaces

    A reader explained her biggest organizing struggle is living in a small space. Here are tips for organizing small spaces.

    Are you struggling to organize your “small spaces?” Keep reading to learn tips for organizing small spaces. I looked at the VERY small master closet as we walked through the house we were considering buying. WOW. It was small but it wasn’t even crowded. I remember thinking, “This woman lives minimally. I want to live […]


  • Organizing Tool: The Pomodoro Technique

    Use this organizing tool to help you get organized! It might even get noticed by your significant other.

    I have organizing tools that I teach my organizing and coaching clients to help them more efficiently  simplify and organize their home. The Pomodoro technique is an excellent tool to train your brain to concentrate. The other day, a student sent me pictures of the progress she is making with her paper. Amazing! I am […]


  • What Is Clutter Costing You?

    What is clutter costing you? Let's get into it and stop acting like this is normal and okay.

    What is clutter costing you in your life? What are you going to do about it? Let’s think about this… What would it be like if your home was organized? If your mind was organized, what would it feel like? What would you do if your papers were organized? Take a moment and imagine it […]


  • If You Want To Get Organized, You MUST Do This.

    If you want to get organized, you MUST start by doing this one thing.

    If you want to get organized, you must do this ONE thing…make a DECISION. Decide you will get organized. From October to December of 2018, I debated about whether or not I would decide to run a mile every day in 2019. I tried to get friends to do it with me. I thought about what […]