• Organizing is like Exercise

    Organizing, like exercise, is a lifelong process. One way to approach it is making organizing a routine and making it fun.

    When I thought about the fact that I would have to exercise for the REST of my life the thought was kind of depressing. I knew then that I would need to continually find something that motivated me (which often changes) and that I would have to enjoy it – or at least different aspects […]


  • Living Life with ADD

    Simplify is the mantra for adults with ADD. Simplify all of your routines.

    See if you can relate to any of the following: Do you feel overwhelmed by home and work? Do you find that forgetfulness and lack of planning add to our daily stress? Do you feel that daily life is too complicated? Are you often late? Do you find that you don’t have time to relax […]


  • Parking in the Garage

    She looked at her garage and it was buried in excess stuff. She hired a professional organizer and two friends to a garage cleaning party. Now she is able to park in the garage.

    In the winter, when the weather is cold, one thing I am thankful for is going straight from my warm house to my car without stepping outside and without scraping the frost off the windshield. But, for those of you whose garages serve as storage areas for excess stuff instead of a place to park […]


  • Transformations

    Life throws some life transitions at you. When things get out of control, use zones to help you organize.

    Life transitions All of us encounter setbacks in our lives at one time or another. Something changes… a death, a new baby, a move… Maybe you haven’t identified exactly what it is in your life, but maybe you can relate to this client. She has allowed me to share this for those of you who […]