• 4 of the Biggest Time Wasters EVER

    Are you wasting time? See what the four biggest time wasters are and what you can do about them!

    Last month I studied and focused on the topic of time. I learned four big time wasters and what to do about them. I’m sharing the top four time wasters, my own examples, how I’m making changes to waste less time and how you can, too. You have the option to SAVE and CREATE time or […]


  • Organizing TOOL – Smart Questions

    Use this organizing tool called SMART QUESTIONS to find answers when you are stuck in confusion.

    I am starting a series called Organizing Tools. These tools are coaching tools that I use to coach myself and my clients. Use them in any area of your life and they’ll help tremendously. Here on the blog, I am going to relate them to organizing and teach you how you can get organized, become […]


  • 10 Organizing Memes That Might Make You Laugh

    Which one of these memes about organizing best describes you?

    For a light hearted break in the organizing, I’m posting ten of my favorite organizing memes. Which one describes you the best? #1 If only we could sit and stare at Pinterest all day! SOURCE   #2 I love this little girl’s picture! What if we felt like that about life? About organizing? About our […]