Okay, this book doesn’t have too much to do with organizing but I am on a health kick and this book is awesome!!! You must read it if…

  • You want some new recipe ideas
  • You want to learn about some new healthy foods
  • You want to change your way of eating
  • You want quick, simple steps to help your family be healthier
  • You want to be inspired and motivated to eat “clean”

The books are called The Eat-Clean Diet and The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids by Tosca Reno. My friend, Alicia, was changing the way she eats and told me about them. They are colorful, easy and fun to read AND Tosca uses such wonderful adjectives to describe clean foods through the entire book that whenever I read it my mouth was watering!

I am now drinking 3L of water every day and eating foods like freshly ground (in my coffee grinder!!) flax seed, homemade hummus, whole grains, sprouted Ezekiel bread, ground bison, yogurt cheese and much more. I am sweetening things with agave nectar not the ‘poisonous’ white sugar!

Okay, okay, you are right, I tend to go a little extreme…at least my kids think so! But, I am feeling great and enjoying the taste of yummy, healthy, pure foods. I shopped at Whole Foods for the first time – a tiny store in midtown Kansas City at 43rd and Main. I love small grocery stores! We do not have one up north or I would go more often. Now, I am making a recipe book on TASTE BOOK (check out their website) of all my favorite recipes for clean eating!

Let me know what you think of the book and how it inspires you! It does take some basic organizing and planning to eat right! Cheers!

Tracy Hoth