How do you calm the chaos in your life, home, and business? I’ll share how to do this in an interview by Caryn Gillen!

I want to introduce you to one of my mentors and business coach, Caryn Gillen! She is a podcast host, master coach, business thought partner, and space-holder. She’s in it for the connection, the growth, and the humans. You will LOVE her!

Caryn hosts a fabulous podcast called When I’m In Charge, That’ll Be Different. In this episode, Caryn Gillen talks to me, your Organizing Coach, about calming the chaos in your life, home, and business.

You can listen here:

Show Notes:

I recently hired Tracy to help me with a project of my own, and it was amazing how much doing just that one thing opened the door to even more clearing and SPACE. There was an energy that was stuck and completing the project moved it.

I am someone who is willing to pay for the speed of decision-making because it means everything gets to go faster. And, getting it done felt like the most FREEDOM ever.

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Of course, we relate all of this back to business! So, not only are Tracy’s 5 tips great for getting organized, they’re great for anywhere you might be stuck in business as well.

Here they are:
1. Sort
2. Purge
3. Assign Homes
4. Set Limits
5. Maintain

Listen in to find out how they work!

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The whole conversation is great… Tracy shares some really useful information! We discuss important thoughts and ideas about our ‘stuff’, its impact, and how we can get free – simply and easily, by making one decision at a time.

Quick Start Guide to Get Organized for Life! (

Two blog posts/resources that were discussed in the episode:
Organizing Your Dresser and
Packing List for packing your suitcase for a trip.

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