professional organizer sitting on a counter with text "Can't Stay Organized No Matter What You've Tried?"

Is this you? No matter what you try, you CANNOT get organized?

In this episode of the Maximized Minimalist Podcast, Katy Wells asks me some great questions.

Have a listen here.

Read on for some of my highlights:

  • Two organizing misconceptions I often hear.
  • What I’d say to people who think they are not “naturally organized.”
  • Secrets to getting started organizing.
  • Tips for organizing office spaces.


What are some big misconceptions about organizing?

First, I often hear, “I’m a messy person. I was born this way.”

We are not born a “messy.” You are not born dysfunctional, unable to learn how to organize.

Organizing is a skill you can learn. Just like any skill, it takes practice.

In addition, I often hear, “It’s so hard to get/stay organized.”

Think of people in other countries who don’t have a lot of belongings…do they even think about organizing?

Focus on reducing the amount of stuff you own and you’ll see how easy organizing is.

In my Maximized Minimalist podcast interview with Katy Wells, I share what to do if you can't stay organized no matter what you've tried.

What would you say to someone who isn’t naturally “organized?”

Or, doesn’t think there’s an organizing system for them?

First, I would challenge that belief.

IF you continue to believe that thought (that there isn’t a system that could work for you) then your brain will continue to find evidence to prove that there is NO organizational system that will work for you.

You must be willing to be wrong. You need to look for the evidence to prove the opposite is true.

What if it is possible? If there was an EASY system that worked, would you be open to hearing about it? What if creating a few simple habits was all it took?

Anything is possible…if you’re willing to change that belief.

Then, I would suggest focusing on three things.

  1. Reduce what you have. Less stuff = easier organizing.
  2. Create tiny habits. Habits are everything.
  3. Hire a coach. A coach will help you see what thoughts are creating clutter for you. A coach will help you see what thoughts are keeping you stuck. When you find thoughts that create motivation and focus and let go, you’ll find freedom from clutter.

Click here to schedule a FREE call with me to see what coaching is all about and to determine if I’m the right coach to help you achieve your organizing goals!


What are your secrets to getting started with organizing? Where do you start?

First, ALWAYS start with your belief.

I’ve become a broken record on this one. No one organizes when they are overwhelmed. You need a thought that causes you to feel motivated, focused, determined, or something similar.

This morning I started my work day thinking, “I’m a woman who gets things done. I’m practicing planning and executing.”

Try starting with a thought like, “It is possible for me to get organized.” Or, “I’m determined to practice and master the skill of organizing and I won’t stop until I do.”

Then, decide and commit.

Get specific. What result will you have by what date?

Finally, organizing always starts with sorting.

Pick an area. Pull things out. As you pull an item out, sort it into a category. Don’t get caught up in right and wrong. Just make categories up. Keep sorting until the space is emptied.

Learn the rest of the organizing steps…

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What about organizing our office spaces?

Since Katy and I both work from home (and many of her listeners do) she asked about home offices. She was most interested in what things we should pay close attention to so our office spaces don’t get out of control and disorganized.

My tips:

Decide on a FLOW for your paper. Answer the following questions:

  • Where does it go when it comes in? I suggest an inbox like this.
  • Where does current, temporary paper live? I suggest these folders stored in a desktop bin like this or something similar (cuter options are available.)
  • Where do you file long-term paper? I suggest a file drawer with simple, broad file names.
  • Where does the recycled paper go?
  • Where does shredding go?
  • When will you process your papers?

Learn how to process every paper…

How To Process Paper Using Only 3 Questions {free printable}

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Place papers for current projects in folders.

I put papers I’m currently working on in a manila folder or a binder tab divider. These are my favorite.  I label them with this label maker. Then, I put them in a desktop file box on my desk. I keep only frequently accessed papers and current projects in this file bin.

Doing this keeps my desktop clear and it gives me easy access to current projects.

Adopt the “Power of One” mentality.

ONE calendar system. ONE note-jotting system. ONE filing system. ONE favorite pen. ONE place for like items.

Develop simple habits.

Every day before you quit working, clear your desk.

Every morning before you start working, spend 15 minutes planning the results you’ll create for the day.

Use the Pomodoro method to stay focused.

Organizing Tool: The Pomodoro Technique


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In my Maximized Minimalist podcast interview with Katy Wells, I share what to do if you can't stay organized no matter what you've tried.    In my Maximized Minimalist podcast interview with Katy Wells, I share what to do if you can't stay organized no matter what you've tried.


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