What is clutter costing you in your life? What are you going to do about it?

What is clutter costing you? Let's get into it and stop acting like this is normal and okay.

Let’s think about this…

What would it be like if your home was organized?

If your mind was organized, what would it feel like?

What would you do if your papers were organized?

Take a moment and imagine it right now.

Think about it from the moment you wake up in the morning. What would peace in your home feel like?

You look around your bedroom and there are no piles, no cluttered dressers, no clothes in your closet that don’t fit or need to be mended. Nothing piled. Nothing on the floor.

Your bathroom counter is clear…and clean! You only have products in the bathroom that you actually use and like. There aren’t fourteen bottles of half used product that you got bored of. Nothing expired is crammed in the drawers or cabinets. You have beautiful towels that don’t smell sour when you use them. The one set of spare towels is rolled and placed neatly in its assigned spot.

You get dressed and ready, neatly putting things away. You’re not running late. You do not leave things laying around because you know how great it feels to keep things tidy for the next time you enter that room. Plus, there is a place for everything.

It’s pure calm as you walk into your kitchen. No paper piles. Your lunch is packed and ready. You do that on meal prep days. You’re even approaching your goal weight because you’ve been managing your mind and experiencing emotions, like discomfort, instead of eating to avoid them.

The coffee is brewing while you run in the living room to straighten the couch pillows and fold a blanket. It looks amazing.

You love your home. It brings such joy to have no clutter.

Now you walk to your office and sit down. The feeling of peace floods your heart as you think about this last year and how the investment was worth every penny. The effort it took was worth every drop of sweat and every uncomfortable emotion you felt.

You are transformed. You are organized.

Back to reality now.

Why is this not the reality in your home right now?

The answer to that question is the REASON you are not organized. It is the thought that keeps you stuck. Until you deal with that thought and learn how to overcome it, you won’t get your home organized.

It is just as possible for YOU as it is for anyone else to get organized.

Until you believe that, disorganization will continue to COST you…

Here are just a few of the ways clutter and disorganization are COSTING you.


Time looking for things. Time moving things around. Time organizing things. Time running to pick up lost social security cards and birth certificates. Time that could be used on making more money to pay off debt. Time that could be used to create memories with your family.


Money on missed opportunities. Money on lost items. Money buying duplicates. Money on broken things. Money being late to work. Money spent on buying organizing products that don’t work. Money spent on late fees and missed payments. Wasting food ($$) due to lack of planning.


Stress between your significant other. Fights. Blaming everything on others. Not being able to be hospitable because the house is not presentable. Yelling at your kids. Most of all, the relationship with yourself – beating yourself up, plummeting self-confidence, even experiencing shame spirals.


Heightened cortisol levels. Stress. Fatigue. Worry. Illness. Dust. Eating unhealthy because of lack of food prep/cooking at home because of a messy kitchen.


Beating yourself up. “Get it together!” Feeling terrible. Lack of confidence. “What is wrong with me?” Hopelessness. “I’ll never get it together.” “I can’t make decisions.” This leaks into other areas of your life and you doubt your purpose and worth.


Who has time for dreaming? I’ve tried and tried. “I have to get my home in order before I do anything else.” Years later…still in the same situation. Dreams unanswered. No finishing the basement or attic or extra space because you can’t get it decluttered.

These examples are just scratching the surface for what clutter and disorganization is costing you!

What are some ways YOU see clutter is costing you?

It’s time.

It’s time to do something you’ve never done before. It’s time to end this cycle. It’s time to make a decision and not turn back!

It’s time to make an investment and be uncomfortable and go all in. 

Are you ready? You can start by signing up for a free call with me here.


What is clutter costing you? Let's get into it and stop acting like this is normal and okay. What is clutter costing you? Let's get into it and stop acting like this is normal and okay.

Tracy Hoth