I’m working on a project that has turned into a mountain of to-dos. I don’t even know how to do many of the things on the list. Now I’ll have to learn and figure it out which means it’ll take a lot more time than I had planned. 

This is what I do when I'm completely overwhelmed by a project. Try it!

I wanted to have this project, my masterclass, done by May 13th. Now all my plans are ruined…pushed back. Who knows when I’ll get it all done!

I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to keep my deadline. I’ve been really working on, practicing time management, but with this happening it seems like it’s all been for nothing.

Completely overwhelmed?

Whoa! Can you hear the drama in all of that?

Are you in a similar situation? Maybe it’s an organizing project that’s taking waaaayy longer than you thought it would?

Here is what I did, and what you can do too, if you find yourself in this situation, if you find yourself in a project, that didn’t go as planned.

1) Get coaching help.

Because I’m a coach and know how beneficial it is for true growth and transformation, I get coached regularly. It’s part of what I do and I ALWAYS get something out of it.

I heard the benefit of a coaching session explained recently like this:

“The expanse of what is possible for me opens up in a coaching session.

Brooke Castillo

This is so true.

I’m stuck thinking the way I’ve always thought. I think with MY perspective. For me to see it differently, from a new perspective that I hadn’t even considered, is so powerful. I’m used to thinking my way. It even seems like it’s the only way there is to think about something.

I was on my weekly coaching call talking to my coach. Not even planning on talking about this project, I started sharing all the “facts” about how this has turned into a HUGE deal, a time consuming ordeal.

She noticed a lot of drama in my communication. “I don’t have an option…” “If I don’t get it done today I’ll have to do it Friday.” “I was supposed to switch…” “It is so overwhelming…” “I should’ve had it done today…”

She stopped me. She wondered how those thoughts made me feel. When I sit down and work on this project, how am I showing up?


I just thought I was stating the facts.

She pointed out that those weren’t “facts.” They were just my thoughts. 

2) Look at it with a new perspective.

Because the timeline is being pushed back and I’m unable to meet my original goal, I was feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, even pressured.

Why is it a problem for me that the timeline is being pushed back? What am I making that mean?

I’m making it mean that I’m not good at time management. That I am wasting time having to do all this additional stuff.

She reminded me that this timeline change could be benefitting me. It could be that I cannot become the person I need to be without experiencing this speed bump.

I am coaching myself through this, trying to see the whole situation differently. It’s taking longer. It’s not what I thought it would look like. But, at the end of the day, I’m holding on to a belief that this is going to be so valuable for me AND for you, my clients. It’ll help hundreds of women. No matter how long it takes me to get it done.

3) Growth comes from speed bumps.

I’m learning a whole new skill set by choosing to change everything over to the new platform…growth.

Learning how to view my thoughts differently…growth.

I’m learning how what I’M going through totally relates to my clients and what THEY are going through. I can be an example of what’s possible through coaching and perseverance…growth.

I’m learning how to hold the belief that what I’m doing is going to help hundreds of women simplify and organize their homes…growth.

What YOU can learn from your situation.

Is getting organized taking longer than you thought? Maybe you’ve given up, yet again. Maybe your closet project has turned into a big mess which is causing you self-doubt and frustration.

Hold on to the belief that you are growing into an organized person. You are someone who perseveres and figures it out and doesn’t quit until you do.

You are learning a new skill – organizing – and that takes time and effort and will benefit you for the rest of your life!

What you are going through, what you are learning in this process, can help you relate to something your child or a friend may be going through.

These circumstances that you can’t necessarily control, are exactly what you are supposed to be handling right now.

This is how you (and me) are growing. We’re learning how to overcome obstacles, how to constrain our focus, how to complete a project, how to honor our plans and our schedules…even when it doesn’t go as planned.

Need coaching help?

I specialize in helping people BECOME organized – not just get organized. Disorganization is just a symptom. I help get to the root cause. What are you thinking that is causing this symptom? Understanding this not only helps you get organized but it also affects all the different areas of your life…for the better.

If you want to see what it is like, schedule your FREE call here.

This is what I do when I'm completely overwhelmed by a project. Try it! This is what I do when I'm completely overwhelmed by a project. Try it!

Tracy Hoth