It’s Cyber Monday! AND, Cyber Week!!

And the elves here at the Blog Carnival of Well-Being have been hard at work. If local, life-affirming and inspirational gifts for yourself and others are in your consciousness, we’ve got lots of ways for you to express your highest intentions!

(Note: If the coupon isn’t visible on any of these websites, just pop them an email requesting the Carnival of Well-Being special offer.)


Offered By: Tracy Hoth | Simply Squared Away | Professional Organizer & Speaker 

Organize your paper to turn piles into productivity! Or, get your child’s paper and memorabilia organized so you both can enjoy it for a lifetime! Get both of my teleclasses, complete with handouts, assignments and step-by-step instructions to get organized in each of these areas at 50% off for Cyber WEEK!!

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Offered By: Alicen at Former Fitness Flunky

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Offered By: Linda Putthoff, Plaza Wellspring

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Offered By: Nancy Steele, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Become calm, centered, relaxed.
Feel focused, alert, energetic.
Transform stress.

Gentle touch…opening energy pathways.
Experience a Shift.

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Offered By: Judy Widener, Inner Frontiers Life Coaching

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Tracy Hoth