I know this idea came from Mark LaBlanc. I think I read it in his book Growing Your Business. Commit to doing something everyday for 30 days. Because I struggle with working out consistently I decided to start with that! I am on day 18!! I must say it feels good. I am doing better than last year. Last year I worked out from January to May and then not again the WHOLE year! This year it was from January to April or May. I see a theme…Summers are not good for me to continue my workouts!

But, guess what?? I didn’t wait until January this year! I started up 18 days ago! That is better than last year! I am moving forward. Isn’t that what life is all about? Keeping ourselves moving forward!! One more step. Move forward. Keep going. If you stop get started again. Simple. Keep going.

That is how it is with organizing. Choose to do something small. Get started. Keep going. Commit to going through hidden places for 15 minutes everyday. Commit to sorting 4 inches of paper every day for 30 days. Commit to doing something! I don’t need to tell you what to do (but I will if you want me to!) you know what needs to be done! Baby steps. Choose to decide and do it! Then share it with the world!

Tracy Hoth