Do you ever have these thoughts as you begin to organize??? As you are holding up an old pair of jeans in your closet you think, “I haven’t worn these in a LONG time but what if I go down to hunt mushrooms in the cold woods (even though IF my family went I most likely would allow it to be a special time with dad and the kids!) or go hiking in the forest (hmmm, haven’t done that recently). These would work. I better keep them.”

Then you hold up another pair and think, “These are a little short but they would work good with boots. I haven’t worn them in 3 years but now that I know that I have them I will remember to wear them next year when I wear my boots. Maybe I should try them on? No, I don’t feel like it. Next time I decide to wear boots I will try them on and if I don’t like how they fit then I will get rid of them FOR SURE!”

Then you think, “Well, this purging isn’t going very well. I really don’t have anything to get rid of! I can’t think about this any more! What else do I have to do? I will do this another time!” Or, the same thing could happen in the kitchen…

“Oh, this was a wedding gift (25 years ago) and Aunt Lulu made it. It is a little dated but surely I can start using it again.” Or, “This might be valuable.” Or, “If I had a big group of people over (you have never had more than 6 people over in the last 8 years) I might need these 14 serving dishes to serve the food!”

Off you go. Finished with organizing. It is too overwhelming. Faced with too many difficult decisions. Organizing conversations like this are quite common! I know because I have these same thoughts when I am facing my own “stuff”!!!! It is quite disturbing funny if you really think about it!

More on this subject later. I was having these conversations/excuses/reasons-to-keep-things in my head the other day and they made me laugh. You laugh because you can relate!

What is a recent reason you couldn’t get rid of something that you haven’t used and don’t LOVE?

Tracy Hoth