Implementing, rather than just consuming information, is key. I try to be selective about what I’m reading and spending my time learning because I want to make sure I implement it, not just consume it and forget it.

Today, I’m sharing just a few of my favorite organizing books and teachers. Choose one of these suggestions and focus on implementing what you learn…before you move on to the next.

My simple list of favorite organizing books and teachers...choose just one to begin and then focus on implementing what you learn.


This is the first book I read when I decided I wanted to help people get organized. It was amazing.

Quick story about Peter Walsh…My friend Chelle and I used to have a podcast called Clutter Interrupted Radio. I helped people get organized and she was the clutter-free-wanna-be. We interviewed authors, organizers and people we knew that we thought had great habits or tips or ideas to share or we shared our own ideas on solo episodes. We had so much fun doing this podcast.

I decided to call Peter Walsh and ask him to be on our show. And guess what? HE answered his phone! Just said, “Hello, this is Peter” or something like that. We were amazed how accessible and down to earth this famous man was. He treated us like we were on the same level as him and we had an awesome interview with him.

All that to say, he knows what he’s talking about and his books are great!


We also interviewed Kathi on the podcast. LOVED her. She made us laugh. I think she’s a comedian, too. This is the book I’d recommend. The thing I love about her is that she struggles with keeping a clean house. She shares it all. Her focus is on tricks she’s learned – like how to arrange a room so it looks the most tidy, even if it isn’t and how to choose furniture pieces that keep cleanliness and storage in mind, not just cuteness.

I didn’t realize how many books she’s written. Wow.


If you are on Instagram, then you must follow Joanna and Clea @thehomeedit. They make me laugh AND they amaze me at all they’ve done. How did they rise to the success that they’re at so fast? It’s very fun to watch.

Clea’s husband is a photographer so their pictures are like eye candy.

This is their book and I’m pretty sure they are writing another. If you want a beautiful book with lots of colorful pictures and perfection behind every cabinet door, then you will LOVE this book.

It’s fun to look at beautiful pictures but I want to make sure you don’t think it needs to look like their pictures for you to be “organized.” Their style may be beyond your reach or desire or budget. And that’s okay. Being organized is..

Knowing what you have and being able to find it when you need it.

Not having a Pinterest-worthy, photo-ready home.


Follow Lisa on Instagram @Organized365, too. She is FULL of energy and gets massive amounts of things done. This is her book. She has so many courses and products and passion! Watching her is motivating.


All of her books are amazing. She focuses on organizing from the inside out. She has books on organizing your home/office/life, organizing your time, organizing for teens, getting unstuck, and organizing your life to bring out the best in your child!

I completely agree with her in that it starts with your mind, INSIDE of you. We must overcome our obstacle thoughts – the ones keeping us stuck in the same clutter that has been there for years – in order to make change.

TRACY HOTH (of course!)

Sometimes a course is better than a book because it’s less reading and more implementation as you go along. This October I will be taking everyone through my From Chaos to Order course one week at a time so that we can implement while we go! Be watching in September to find out how you can join us.

If you are ready to manage your home with confidence you can register here to get on the waitlist so you don’t miss out.

What are your favorite organizing books and resources?

Please share in the comments the organizing books and teachers that have had the most impact in your life.

(Stay tuned…I’ll post my favorite organizing resources for those with ADD or ADHD soon.)

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My simple list of favorite organizing books and teachers...choose just one to begin and then focus on implementing what you learn. My simple list of favorite organizing books and teachers...choose just one to begin and then focus on implementing what you learn.

Tracy Hoth