James Clear, in his book Atomic Habits, states that 40-50% of our actions on a given day are habit.

Below are five habits I (a professional organizer) do to stay organized.

Want to stay organized? Here are five habits I do, a professional organizer, to stay organized. You can do these, too!

Even though I don’t always feel like doing them, I know these simple tasks make all the difference in my day. The result makes me happy and I feel great about myself and my space.

You can do these, too!

Choose one. Commit to do it for 30 days.

Print a blank calendar off to track your progress. Read this article to incorporate Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity hack.


1) Squeegee the Shower Doors

I squeeqee the shower doors immediately after I shower.

We have a suction cup hook that holds the rubber scraper. As soon as I turn off the water, I grab the scraper and with 4 sweeps I have the doors scraped free from water.

Sometimes I think, “Maybe I’ll skip today.” But, it is my ritual. I know how clean it keeps our shower. When I walk back in the bathroom, I like to see the doors free from water. So I decide not to skip.

2) Wipe My Kitchen Countertops

I use these cloths.The orange are for my countertops. Blue is for the floors. Yellow is for dusting.

I use these spray bottles and I LOVE them! They spray perfectly. 360 degrees. Resist buying cheap spray bottles. Buy this 3-pack and put one under your kitchen sink, one under your bathroom sink and the other under your kid’s bathroom sink.

The solution I use is 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water. I keep a big jug of vinegar behind the trash can under my sink. Simple and easy.

I clean the kitchen as fast as I can – dishes in the dishwasher, food away, paper to my desk or in recycle – and then the last thing I do is spray my countertops and wipe them down with an orange cloth. A small bin under the sink holds clean cloths. I don’t use any washcloths or sponges. They would always get stinky.

I have quartz countertops so after I wipe them all, I step back to let the light reflect so I can see if there are any spots I missed.

Nothing is better than clean countertops! I do this as often as I can because, like I said, nothing is better than clean countertops!

3) Make My Bed

I started this in 2018. I chose two things I would do every day for the whole year. If I did those two things, my day would be successful. Anything above that was bonus success.

I teach this concept in my Chaos to Order online course. If you are ready to confidently create, manage and love your home, this course is for you!

Taking tiny steps like this to develop routines has impacted my home more than anything. In 2019, I added two additional daily habits and I now have a morning routine that I love and have done every single day – over 5 months!

As soon as I get out of bed, I make it. It takes less than two minutes.

I walk in and out of my room probably ten times just in the morning. Having the bed made lifts my spirits! It looks so good. I feel like I’ve started the day right and I have it together.

Sometimes I don’t want to but I remind myself that it will take less than two minutes. Two minutes is worth feeling great all day, especially when I return to my room later and it looks amazing!

4) STOP When I Leave a Room

Stop as you get up to leave a room. Turn around. Look back at the room and see if there is anything you can do right now.

If I leave the living room, I stop and turn around. Can I straighten the pillows, fold blankets, gather any dishes and trash to bring to the kitchen, put shoes by the door, socks on the steps to go up to laundry, etc? Then it’s done! The room is ready for the next time I walk into it!

If I leave my bedroom, I stop and look back. Does anything need to go downstairs. Can anything be put up? Next time I walk in the room, I want it to be all picked up and neat.

I know it will be refreshing and I’ll feel great if I can walk into a beautiful room.

5) Clean Out My Car When I Get Gas

Every time I get gas I clean all trash out of my car. If people are in the car, it’s even better. I tell them to gather the trash and hand it up to me.

When you are trying to create a habit, it is best to tie it to something you already do. Everyone gets gas so tie cleaning out your car to getting gas. Empty all trash. EVERY single time. Put a sticky note on the card or cash you use for gas to remind you of this.

Which habit will you start incorporating into your day?

Do you have a habit that helps you stay organized? Please share it in the comments. 


Want to stay organized? Here are five habits I do, a professional organizer, to stay organized. You can do these, too!   Want to stay organized? Here are five habits I do, a professional organizer, to stay organized. You can do these, too!

Tracy Hoth