How do you accomplish your goal? How do you become a person who can reach their goals? In this post I’m sharing exactly what you need to do to accomplish goals – even that one you’ve not been able to…yet.

How do you accomplish your goal? Do these 5 things and you'll become the person who will accomplish your goal!

My daughter got out of the water after her race.

Smiling with amazement, I asked her coach, “How is she doing this?”

She just dropped almost three seconds in her 100 Back – a race she hadn’t dropped time in for almost three years.

I’ll never forget what he said.

“She’s not the same person she was. She’s become a different person.”

I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this statement.

How can you reach a goal that you’ve been trying to reach?

By becoming a different person.

How do you become a different person?

Here is how my daughter became a person who makes individual state cuts.

This is how I became a person who created an online course and earned her life coach certification in 2018.

These five steps are how YOU become the person that reaches YOUR goals.


Step 1: Decide and declare what you want to do.

She’d been thinking of swimming in college for a while but had never publicly declared it.

In August, she did.

She decided she wanted to join a club swim team to prepare herself to swim in college. We researched, interviewed coaches and made a decision. In September, she joined Tsunami and started practice. In November, when high school swim season started, she declared her high school goal: To get an individual state cut time.

Over the past year, I’ve decided and declared my goals. January 2018, I decided I would create a course. In October, I sold my first course.

February 2018, I decided I would attend coach training in September and earn my life coach certification. In December, I completed all the requirements and received my certification from The Life Coach School.

January 1, 2019, after debating for over a month, I decided I would run a mile every day in 2019. As of today, I’ve ran a mile every day – 47 miles. (And, by the way, I am NOT a runner. I have never enjoyed running.)

What goal have you been wanting to accomplish? Decide and declare it!

(Just so you know, after signing up for life coach certification in February 2018, I literally felt nauseous for a week. My brain freaked out! It’s okay. I didn’t die. Expect it. I got through it. So can you!)


Step 2: Don’t look to your past.

When you decide you’ll do something you’ve never done before, you can’t look to your past.

I’d never done any of those things before. There wasn’t evidence in my past that I could do them. I had to look to my future, my future self, the person I will become.

I had to BECOME someone that did those things.

My daughter had to become someone that accomplishes individual state cuts.

People are much better at this when they’re young.

Think of a child learning to walk. They don’t decide they can’t walk because they haven’t before. They just keep trying and failing and looking silly and getting bruised until they finally walk! Same thing with riding a bike, going to college, learning to play a sport or an instrument.

What goal do you have that you’ve never been able to do before?

Now it’s time to look to the future, to become the person who accomplishes that goal.


Step 3: Hire a coach.

My daughter has a great coach. We pay for her to have a coach. He invests in her at practice, pointing out things he sees that she could improve to become a better swimmer. He schedules talks by nutritionists, sends swim meditation recordings, brings in college coaches, etc.

Just last month at practice he took her out of the water. He critiqued her. He told her that her underwater kicks looked lazy. She needed to be kicking 5-6 times underwater. She needed to speed up. And, she needed to swim off the wall straight.

Hiring a coach in January of 2018, is what changed everything for me. It helped me discover what I was thinking that was keeping me from my goals. These thoughts, these obstacle thoughts, kept me from becoming a person who creates a course, gets life coach certified and runs a mile every day.

It may not seem normal or mainstream to you yet to hire a coach. It wasn’t for me either. But, a coach will help you become the person that accomplishes your goal.

Coaches can help you improve your marriage, figure out why you’re not happy even though you have everything, get your paper and home organized, stop yelling at your kids, etc.

(Try a coaching session with me for free by signing up here.)


Step 4: Be willing to be uncomfortable…and feel all the feelings.

My daughter joined a team where she knew no one. She went to a pool she had never been to, showed up to practice out of swim-shape and tried to keep up, didn’t have all the equipment she needed yet at the practices and went to meets where the girls already had their friend groups.

She had to feel uncomfortable. Lonely. Embarrassed. Nervous. But, she still showed up. She was willing to be uncomfortable to reach her goals.

I decided this year I was willing to be uncomfortable to become the person who accomplishes the goals I’ve set. I’m willing to feel all the feelings. Embarrassment. I’m doing Facebook Lives and putting myself out there, making offers and people have said no, launching my course, and learning how to do things I’ve never done.

What if I fail?

It’s okay. That’s how I’ll become the person who does those things…by feeling the feelings, by learning,  by trying new things, by improving.

What about you? Are you willing to be uncomfortable? Are you willing to feel all the feelings – uncomfortable, embarrassment, failure, victory, deprivation, success, accomplishment?


Step 5: Be consistent in the little things.

In 2018, I started sending a weekly email to my community. (If you are not receiving these, sign up here.) I also chose two things I would do every day in my home – make my bed and listen to my YouVersion app of the chronological Bible in a year.

In 2019, I added to it. I am posting a blog every Saturday and just started doing weekly Facebook Lives. Every morning I run my mile, read my Bible, drink 16 oz of water, make my bed, write my intentions and do my thought work.

If I can do this, you can! I am NOT a routine girl…but I’m becoming one.

Consistency in the little things. 

Start small.

Practice daily.

What will you choose? Just pick two things you commit to do consistently. That’s what I did. Just two things for a whole year.


5 steps to accomplish the goal:

1. Decide and declare what you want to do.

2. Don’t look to your past.

3. Hire a coach.

4. Be willing to be uncomfortable and feel all the feelings.

5. Be consistent in the little things.

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I wrote more in depth about my daughter who became a different person on my Club 31 Women post here. She’s become a person who makes individual state swim times. She’s never done that before. But, through the five things I listed above, she became a person who does those things.

Who do you want to become? A person who has their home simplified and organized? A person who fuels their body with healthy food? A mom who doesn’t yell at their kids? A woman who no longer allows the negative self-talk in her brain to keep her stuck? An entrepreneur who accomplishes her business goals?

I want to help you! I guarantee coaching will help. Sign up here for a free call to see if coaching with me is right for you.

Become the person who accomplishes the goal you’ve been dreaming about…THIS year! I know you can do it!



  How do you accomplish your goal? Do these 5 things and you'll become the person who will accomplish your goal! How do you accomplish your goal? Do these 5 things and you'll become the person who will accomplish your goal!

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