Do you have a goal for this month or this year?

I learned a few things in December about goal setting and wanted to share four simple tips to help you reach all your goals – especially your organizing goals.

I share 4 tips to reach any goal...especially your organizing goals!

I’m going to share the specific example of the goal I had in December. Plus I’ll use the goal we have inside Organized Life Academy this month as an example. Then, apply what I’m teaching to a specific goal you have right now!

Here are the steps:

First, set a goal with an end date.

TRACY’s Example: 

Enroll 50 women in Organized Life Academy (OLA) by 1/1/21.

Organized Life Academy Student Example:

Organize my kitchen by 1/31/21.

YOUR Example: 

What is your goal?

Second, stay in the belief all the way to the end.

Even when you don’t know how you will get to your goal and it seems too hard or even impossible, make yourself stay in the belief that it is possible. Commit to believing. This is your work.

TRACY’s Example: 

My mind says, “You probably can’t do it.” I gently redirect it, “What if it is possible? There are lots of women who want to get organized. This is working…I already have 20 signed up. I’m committed to believing in the possibility.”

Over and over and over!

Organized Life Academy Student Example:

Their mind says, “There is no way I can organize my kitchen.” Gently redirect it to, “What if it is possible! Tracy is here to show me how. I am totally capable of writing tasks on my calendar. Attending calls will help get my questions answered. I have all the support I need. I’m committed to the belief that it IS possible.”

Repeat as often as necessary. 

YOUR Example:

What is the statement you will redirect your mind back to?

Third, keep the goal in front of you every day.

I like to write down my goal as if I’ve already achieved it. This type of planner is my favorite to write my goals in the specific date (on the week-view page) every morning. I also write down thoughts I would be thinking to achieve my goal.

TRACY’s Example:

GOAL: I just enrolled the 50th lady into Organized Life Academy on 1/1/21!
THOUGHTS: It’s working! The women are so glad I found them! I can totally help women get organized and change their life. This will be fun!

Organized Life Academy Student Example:

GOAL: I’ve just finished organizing my kitchen on 1/31/21!
THOUGHTS: This is working! I am so proud of myself. I’ve learned so much! I love being in my organized kitchen!” 

YOUR Example:

Where will you write your goal daily? What thoughts do you need to think to achieve your goal? 

Finally, be willing to try whatever it takes to reach your goal. 

TRACY’s Example:

I tried webinars, emails, texts, calls, IG stories, a giveaway, celebrating new members, etc.

Organized Life Academy Student Example:

Use the post it note planning Tracy teaches, small organizing times, larger chunks of times, morning or evening organizing, getting coached on the live calls, asking in the community, etc.

YOUR Example:

What could you try in order to reach your goal?

Next Step…

Join Organized Life Academy if getting organized is your goal!

Joining the Academy might be just the “how” you need right now to reach your goal. There is support, live calls, coaching, step by step organizing videos, a theme and focus for the month and more!

Get organized once and for all! Join Organized Life Academy where you will become an organized person who creates and organized life!

But the biggest different in Organized Life Academy and other programs is the mindset work. If you want to get and stay organized, ultimately becoming an organized person, you MUST change the way you are thinking about yourself, your abilities and your stuff. This is where the magic happens.

Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to get organized inside and out?

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Tracy Hoth