If you want to get organized, you must do this ONE thing…make a DECISION.

Decide you will get organized.

If you want to get organized, you MUST start by doing this one thing.

From October to December of 2018, I debated about whether or not I would decide to run a mile every day in 2019. I tried to get friends to do it with me. I thought about what it would entail. What are the benefits? Why did I want to do this? Could I do it?

I finally had to make a decision.

If I just think about doing it…

Or, if I just want to do it…

Or, if I just try to do it…

It won’t work.

I needed to DECIDE.

On December 31, 2019 at 4:00 PM, I decided.

Yes. I would run one mile every day in 2019. I would run 365 miles in 2019 – one per day.

Starting January 1, 2019, I started writing my intention, as if I’d already done it, in my notebook every day after I ran my mile.

Today I finished running my 365th mile.

-Tracy Hoth

On December 31, 2019, I will say that sentence. It will have come true! I already know and believe and can totally see myself saying it.

I even know where I will be on that day…the scenery around me, sweat dripping down my face, reciting this sentence.

It started by making a decision.


Before you start to organize, you must DECIDE to do it. Decide when you will start and when you will complete it.

Just by deciding, you’ll shift your entire mindset. 

You will no longer be considering getting organized.

You’ll no longer dabble in a few things and fit it in when you can. 

You will decide and commit to get your home and life organized and then you will do what you say you will do.

Get it done.

You will need to change your thoughts about organizing. You can take a course (start with mine…get on the wait list here…doors open on September 18, 2019. You can follow a plan, add in your own ideas, try things and get it done!

Stop letting life slip by thinking…

  • I need to get organized…
  • I waste so much time looking for things…
  • I’m missing the opportunity to teach my children…
  • My stress levels keep rising…
  • Inviting people into my home, hospitality, will never be possible…
  • The weight of clutter is pressing in on me and I can’t take it any more…
  • I just want simplicity…

Why not just make a decision to get organized?

First step to get organized? Decide. Decide you will get organized...Done. It's decided.

Go from “I WANT to get organized” to “I WILL organize everything in my home (starting with my brain!) by August 2020.”

Maybe you don’t know exactly how yet, but you will do this. You’ve committed.

Then, plan it out and get it done. Try things. Get help. Then, keep doing the next thing and the next thing and try more things and you will get your life organized.

Once you decide, you can begin to plan.

Until you decide, don’t bother planning how to get organized.

Decide first. 

The same thing goes for losing weight or making a certain amount of money or improving a relationship or getting a degree or certification.

First, decide you will do it.

Then, write your intention as if you’ve already done it.

Finally, begin to plan how you’ll accomplish this.

This month you will do …

This week you will…

Finally, today you will…

Then, don’t stop until you’ve done it!

If you want to get organized, you MUST start by doing this one thing. If you want to get organized, you MUST start by doing this one thing.

Tracy Hoth