Even just thinking about where to START organizing can be quite overwhelming.

In today’s podcast interview, Gretchen talks to Tracy about getting started, managing clutter, letting go of things, and maintaining that space when you DO get it all put together. Tracy shares how our mindset impacts our ability to do the basic steps to organize in our homes, our businesses, and in life.

smiling professional woman with text overlay "Getting Organized: Tips from a Professional Organizer"

How much better will you feel when your home and business are just the way you’ve always envisioned them?

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Tracy launched her business that integrates mindset tools with organization skills.
  • How vulnerable it can be to ask for help and bring someone into your home amongst the clutter.
  • The different ways Tracy can help clients, even through virtual sessions!
  • Overcoming shame and focusing our mindset during the purging process.
  • The impact of organization on your mental health.
  • Tracy’s Organized Life Academy!
  • Advice for entrepreneurs to avoid the accumulation of great ideas and how to avoid overwhelming clutter.

Listen in now or go here to the podcast.

pink background with text overlay "your mindset directly impacts your outcome:

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