This month, here in Kansas City, a group of local professional organizers worked on a GO Month project together to organize for a cause.

Six local organizers came together to Organize for a CAUSE

As promised here, I want to share our GO Month before and after pictures. I thought it was a very successful day. Whenever the client sees the finished result and can’t stop exclaiming, “OH MY GOODNESS” you just know that it is good! And when they say, “I NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD DO THIS!” you know it is really good! 🙂

A team of 6 local organizers helped Heartland Habitat for Humanity and their very gracious, helpful staff organize their office spaces. Cindy and I were in charge of the marketing room and the supply room. These pictures are from those two spaces:

Before: The marketing room from the door


After: The marketing room from the door


Notice we moved everything around.

Whenever you completely reorganize a room you should try and do this. It allows you to clean. You can arrange based on most used spaces. You can give it a whole new look. It is fun for the eyes! You might like it better! It makes life interesting.

Before: Standing at the door looking right


After: Standing at the door looking right


Before: Looking straight in the door on left


After: Looking straight in the door on left


Before: In room looking back to door


Use what you have

There was already this little metal shelf thing piled under some clutter so we used it!! These inexpensive rubber tubs from Wal-Mart helped to make these shelves work efficiently

Use the space available

We made a space against the wall to support posters that were needed at various events.

Use containers you already have to organize

Using tall trash cans (or recycle boxes!!) work great to organize wrapping paper, banners or other tall objects

Look closely to see we used white envelope boxes for the pens, a basket for tape and a box for notepads. The three drawer organizers at the top are great for office supplies!


Use what is actually in a box to label it.

We taped the actual pamphlet (orange apron, too) from each box to the front as a visual label of the boxes contents.


Another…Each kind of envelope is taped to the outside of the box for a visual example.


Transforming power of organizing

There it is! A lovely example of my blurry photography the transforming power of organizing. I should have taken pictures of the recycle pile, trash pile and the pile they are taking to their Restore (newly opened in Johnson county)! Someone asked, “Are you sure y’all didn’t bring this stuff with you?” and “Where did it all come from?”

When asked whether to keep or get rid of various items they answered, “I have never seen that (item) before” and “I never knew we had that!” All are common responses when organizing that prove our services are valuable!

It was great fun to be able to give back and make a difference in the community! If you think your organization would benefit from the help of a team of Professional Organizers please contact me!

Tracy Hoth