Some people call it Green organizing. Some call it NOT filling the landfills. Some people just want their unwanted items to go to someone who needs them! Here is a list of places to dispose of unwanted items where they are a benefit to others and not a threat (chemicals and hazardous waste).

  •  Household Hazardous Waste –

Kansas City metro * 816.513.8400. * 4707 Duramus Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120

Take your paint, varnish, adhesive glues, hobby supplies, batteries, motor oil, anti freeze, lawn and garden chemicals, pesticides (not in trash bags). By appointment ONLY.

  • Goodwill 

They refurbish cell phones to give to women’s shelters. They ship clothing, shoes and stuffed animals overseas if they cannot be sold in the store. All  metal is recycled (iron boards, pots/pans, etc). TVs are refurbished. Computers are sent to DELL and refurbished to be sold in the store.

  • Best Buy –

Take your TVs (under 32 inches) and monitors (including laptops) to be recycled for a cost of $10 and receive a $10 gift card to the store! Drop off computer towers (without hard drives), old phones, printers, cell phones, ink cartridges and batteries to have them recycled for free!

  • Computer Hard Drives –

I know everyone has an old computer in their basement! I have seen them! 🙂 Here is what to do!! Remove the hard drive (blue and green circuit) and  damage the circuit board and plug with a hammer. If you are not comfortable with that take undamaged hard drives to Best Buy and they will erase and reformat them for $60.

  • Purses of Promise – 

Accepts new and gently used handbags, as well as wallets, cosmetics and personal hygiene items. They are given to clients at domestic violence shelters. Visit their facebook page. This is very motivating for those of you who need to purge your handbag collection!

  • Northland Oaks Community Church 

I just found out about this! It is a NO SALE GARAGE SALE. They collect items in a big storage facility and then plan dates for big FREE garage sales for those in need!! Deborah Compton is the contact person. Her cell phone is 816-694-9864. The next NO SALE GARAGE SALE is scheduled for May 7, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. If you have items to donate please drop them off on May 6th OR you may call Deborah to make an appointment to drop off on other dates. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Old Medications – 

Remember to drop old medications at a location near you on April 30th. Read all about it here. Find a location near you, NATIONWIDE, here.

  • Urban LIFE Ministries – 

Right now they are looking for a refrigerator for a ministry house they are buying. Also, they are having a “retired” cell phone drive. Contact Amy Krueger at for more information.

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore – 

Donate your fixtures, gently used furniture, home accessories, paint, appliances and building materials to your local ReStore. Find a location near you here.

  • Half Price Books – 

Take your books, children’s books, magazines and records to your local store and they will PAY you! They recycle it if they cannot resell it! While you are there check out the store! Very fun. Half Price Books started in 1972 in Dallas, Texas!

Where do you donate your “treasures”? Let me know so I can spread the word!! 🙂 What about old and/or broken vacuum cleaners?

Tracy Hoth