Do you ever start something and get distracted only to come back to it later realizing you never finished??

Complete each transaction before moving on by thinking of this analogy.

I have been doing that so much lately. Recently it has been on my computer. There are so many distractions and rabbit trails I get lost on only to realize my time is up and I wasn’t as productive as I had planned!! 🙂 Then, in everyday life with 4 kids and a lot to do I get interrupted (quite often) and leave tasks unfinished!

This productivity tip was so good that I asked Brenda Spandrio, aka The Declutter Lady, of Ambiance Solutions to be my guest blogger today and share it with you! Welcome, Brenda, and thanks for this timely reminder!

Productivity Tip

Complete Your Transaction Before Moving On

By: “The Declutter Lady”

At a recent trip to the bank, I watched as one of the associates dealt with clients. Even though there were several people waiting for her, she completed each transaction before she turned her attention to the next customer. Sometimes that  involved data entry on the computer, creating a file folder or finishing notations. She was very deliberate as she closed the previous client file and turned her attention to the next.

Too often we fail to take the final steps with a task before we move on to the next one. Whether at work or at home, we stop before the job is done.

For example, we pull the clothes out of the dryer, but they don’t get folded (or they do get folded, but not put away)…we finish a phone call with a client, but don’t take the time to make sure the cryptic notes we jotted down are legible and clear or we don’t schedule the next action in our planning calendar.

Take the productive step.

We are so focused on getting to the next “to do” that we don’t take productive steps on the task at hand that will keep it from overwhelming us the next time we have to deal with it.

I thought about how the bank associate’s desk would have looked at the end of the day if she had just shoved the notes and applications and files aside in order to hurry to the next customer. It wouldn’t have been pretty, I can tell you that. I could just imagine her trying to recreate the conversations she had, pawing through the papers for a note she just knows she made, wondering what the number on the sticky note meant…

By taking the few extra minutes (it’s usually less than three) at the time to determine what the next action is for a particular project, whether it is a household chore or an item of business, and “completing the transaction,” you build more productivity in to your day.

Brenda Spandrio, aka The Declutter Lady, of Ambiance Solutions is an organizing and productivity consultant based in Ojai, CA. You can learn more here and here. Contact Brenda at or by calling 805-500-5378.

Thanks, Brenda! Hopefully this has been a good reminder to take the extra minute or two and finish your task! Have a productive day!

Tracy Hoth