piles of papers on a desk with text Episode 24: How to Organize Paperwork at Home

Let’s face it, the paperwork coming into your house is sometimes… overwhelming.

Paperwork from

  • the mailbox
  • doctor’s appointments
  • work
  • bills
  • all the kids’ school information and school work
  • purchases
  • trips
  • all the stuff of life

So how do we know what to keep, where to put it, and how long to keep it?

Listen in here as Courtney, from Raising Healthy Humans®, asks me questions that answer just that.

More from the interview:

Many times when we look at all the clutter and paperwork mounting on the counter or desk our brains get overwhelmed. Tracy says we need to get to the nitty gritty of our mental block.

Why can’t we organize?
What is stopping us from cleaning up?
Once we recognize what is stopping us from starting, then we can get things rolling to begin one step at a time to organize our lives.

coral background with text Help! How can I organize those pesky piles of paperwork
When it comes to organizing all the paperwork that comes home from school, Hoth recommends the following:

  • Immediately go through the paperwork and add it to a keep or trash pile. If the keep paperwork has an action attached to it then add it to the action bin so you know to follow up on it.
  • If a form has a date on it, add to your calendar when the form is due or needs to be completed.
  • For the items that you will keep, put them in the bin. Then when you have more time you can go through that bin and organize it even more.

Once we have ourselves on the road to organizational bliss we can then turn our attention to helping our kids organize themselves. Taking time once a week to sit down with children and plan out what they have to do is immensely helpful in teaching them how to organize. It can be a quick check-in to help them know what they have coming up that week, what assignments or tests are due, and activity schedules.

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