Get some ideas for Holiday clutter-free gift giving!

The holidays are fast approaching and finding the perfect gift is always a challenge. Before you go out and spend too much money on things your friends and family do not need be sure to read this article from The Minimalists. It gives a fresh perspective, reminding us what’s really important. I’ve included a few lines from the article…

Black Friday is the day we trample people for things we don’t need, the day after being thankful for what we have.

If you want to give gifts, why not gift an experience: a nice meal, tickets to a concert, a sunset on the beach? After all, the best, most loving gift you can give someone is your time and undivided attention. Presence is the best present.

Or, if that doesn’t work, maybe you can buy everyone on your Christmas list a giant trash can so they can throw away all the presents they received, but didn’t ask for.

Hahahah….so true.

Need a clutter-free gift idea? Here is TONS of them!

So, what do you do instead?

Give clutter-free gifts!!

I’ve compiled an entire post full of clutter-free gift ideas plus links to more ideas. Be sure to check it out. You can find it here.

Here’s another idea…

This year what about giving “My Favorite Things of 2015” – a collection of your favorite consumable things? You’ll be introducing things you love to your friends and family. Maybe they will love them, too.

My basket would include:

True Lemon or Lime – I love adding a packet of this crystalized lemon/lime to my big container of water. It adds a little pop of fun! A friend offered me one while at her house and it has been a great find.

Bronzed Chicken Rub – Always a favorite. In addition to giving the rub it gives the receiver an idea for dinner.

Gum – I love gum. Here is the cutest idea ever!! I like the 5 brand of gum, too. The note could say “5 reasons I love (or like or appreciate) you…”

Buxom lip glosses – LOOOOOVE these lip glosses. They provide an experience! I am planning to buy this sampler size pack and keep a few for myself and share the others in “my favorites” baskets to the women in my life.

What would you give in your “favorite things” basket?

If you’re set on giving a product, I was looking through the Container Store catalog (one of the few catalogs I receive) and found some useful gift ideas.


Handbag Organizer (LOVE the polka dot one)

Right now I am carrying a small, across-the-chest purse but when I carried a larger purse I LOVED my purse organizer. If you change purses often this is essential!! It makes the process simple.

Smart Umbrellas (LOVE the options)

Love this! Why hasn’t this been thought of before?

Metallic Card Case $5.99

Carry in your purse and keep your gift cards in it. Give a gift card in it.


Strobe Light 

For the child that walks to the bus stop or for the late night or early morning walker/runner. Be sure they’re seen.

Clip-On Personal Alarm

Unlike pepper sprays, or other security devices that require you to push a button or pull a string, our Clip-On Personal Alarm is amazingly easy to activate. Simply pull it off your shirt, jacket, backpack or whatever it’s attached to, and a piercing alarm sounds, attracting attention and giving you time to get away.


Portable Screen Cleaners

Great for anyone with a cell phone or tablet. It sticks to the back and you can clean your phone/tablet anytime you want to. The perfect stocking stuffer for the techy in your life.

Just for fun

Drop Rainbow Bath Light

Big bath taker? This would be fun! I’m pretty sure I would find this in someone’s clutter eventually but they say The Drop looks perfect in a bath, pool or even as a fun and imaginative table centerpiece.


What are you giving this holiday season? Please share your ideas below.

More than anything, like The Minimalists said, give the gift of presence.  Put your electronics up and be present.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am thankful you are a reader of my blog and/or a client of Simply Squared Away!


Tracy Hoth