You can finally get more organized in midlife. But… you have to believe it!

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You are going to learn so much in this interview by my friend Master Life Coach & Midlife Mentor Suzy Rosenstein. She is the host of the podcast Women in the Middle® and today we are talking about finally getting organized and having LESS STUFF in the middle of your life (wouldn’t we all love that!).

Like many women in the middle, you likely have a lot of stuff and you’re at a place in your life where you want to make decisions about what to do with it all and what to keep or let go of. It’s hard to open space for new opportunities/hobbies/interests when you want to hold on to everything. And it seems impossible to get started when there is so much.

You will learn more about how to finally get organized in midlife:

  • How to think about your decision to finally get organized in midlife.
  • Why getting organized and decluttering can be so emotional?
  • How downsizing is easy to procrastinate even though it’s something you want.
  • How mind management can help figure out how to release your “stuff.”
  • Why giving yourself the space that you want on purpose is important.
  • How thinking about giving stuff to your kids earlier might be a good solution.
  • Why it’s important to believe in your ability to be organized.
  • Why being more organized can create enormous freedom.

There’s so much freedom that comes from less clutter, making decisions, and choosing to trust you will have everything you need when you need it.

✨ Imagine what it’s like to spend the second half of your life managing less stuff. ✨

questioning woman in black sweater with text overlay "Imagine What It's Like to Manage with Less Stuff"

It will be such a relief, so much easier… and can even be fun!

At Simply Squared Away, we specialize in helping you get organized when you are completely overwhelmed.
I have a few ways to help you:

A course called FROM CHAOS TO ORDER which is a one-of-a-kind course for confidently managing your home from the inside out.
And you can join the ORGANIZED LIFE ACADEMY where we learn the exact steps, where to start, and how to stay motivated so you can create the organized home you’ve always wanted with weekly, ongoing, expert support

For now, please enjoy this fun and inspiring interview! And then, call to schedule a free coaching call here.

Here is more about Suzy:

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