Tracy is interviewed by Therese Connolly, LCSW about how to help tweens and teens learn how to declutter their space.

two professional women podcast interview with text "The Parenting Reset Show Episode #54"

We will focus on:

~ How to get started implementing organization with your tween/teen

~ The importance of their mindset

~ How we tackle the feelings that may arise as they think about organizing

~ Some of the language to use when talking with your kids about organizing their space

~ Rewards that come as a result of organizing their bedroom

~ How your kids can help accomplish the end goal

~ The five steps that Tracy uses when facing an area that needs organizing – Sort, Purge, Assign homes, Set limits, and Maintain (SPASM)

~ How to deal with items that your child wants to keep

~ What to do about the urge to ‘stack’

~ Obstacles that your tween/teen may face when organizing

Girl in messy room with text "Helping your tween-teen get organized"


Listen in now or go here to the podcast.

Therese (Tess) Connolly, LCSW has been there herself and knows how it feels to feel frustration and stress over her relationship with her child. Known as Tess the Parent Reset Coach, here is more from her website:

Through my 20 + years of work as a clinical social worker/psychotherapist and parent coach…and trial and error (in my own home) I have created some simple RESET plans for you to:

  • Build a greater connection with your child
  • Create practical strategies and systems that work in your home
  • Learn the specific skills and language to be a more effective parent
  • Be on the same page with your partner about parenting
  • Have a happier home life

My parenting coaching practice is unique and specific to you and your family’s needs.

I believe YOU are your greatest resource and the best parenting “skills” can be found right inside of you!

To learn more about Tess:


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