How do you find time to organize when you don’t have any extra time? You’re convinced this is true. You really don’t have time to organize your home, your paper, your stuff, or your life.

Have you ever thought "I don't have time" to get organized? I share brain work and action work to change that belief and create an organized home and life.

Lots of people are convinced this is true for them.

Maybe you are one of them?

Are you committed to this story? You think your story is different. You, for sure, don’t have time.  


What if it isn’t true?

What if you have exactly enough time to get organized?


Pause right here and consider this. Marinate on this thought, “I have exactly enough time to get organized.”

Notice what your brain does.

Have you heard of confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias is “the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.” – Wikipedia

You believe you don’t have time. You don’t think it’s a thought, you know it’s the truth. Your brain begins to interpret and even search for evidence to prove its existing belief is true.

But, why would you want to believe that?

Believing that you don’t have time causes you to feel overwhelmed, powerless, or even hopeless. Those feelings drive inaction. They cause you to avoid and escape. Therefore, you create the result of a cluttered home.

So what should you do?


Brain work #1 – Flip the thought.

Flip the thought around.

“I have plenty of time.”

Then, find ways this thought is true.

You had time to watch the award show, work, prepare and/or eat food, attend a concert, take a nap, volunteer, drive your kids around, read a book, exercise, go on that trip, visit family, bring a hurting friend a meal, go to church, etc.

Start seeing all the time you DO have and what you choose to do in the time you have.


Brain work #2 – Notice yourself thinking “I don’t have time.”

Just notice when your brain offers you this thought.

Be curious.

There it is again.

Oh, look, my brain is bringing up evidence to prove it is true.

Wow, there it is again. So interesting. I never noticed how often it offers me this thought.

Just notice.


Brain work #3 – Try on optional thoughts.

When we realize that the thought “I don’t have enough time” is optional, the fun can begin.

Yes, our brain may continue to offer us that thought, but… we don’t have to believe it. We can give it right back and say, “Offer me a different one, brain.”

“Try on” different thoughts and see how they make you feel.

Thoughts that have helped me create emotions I WANT to feel are:

  1. I have enough time to do this task.
  2. I’m a woman who gets things done.
  3. I don’t have to feel like it.
  4. I’m going to make this fun!
  5. The result is going to be amazing and the journey getting there can be, too.
  6. Small, consistent steps lead to victory.


After some brain work, let’s look at what we can do to simplify organizing.

Action work #1 – Choose ONE thing.

I like to finish organizing ONE area so I can see I’ve accomplished something.

Pick one area of your home: the surfaces in the kitchen, the guest bathroom, the linen closet, one wall of the garage, etc.


Action work #2 – Break it down and plan.

Get your calendar out.

How are you spending your time now? What are you doing? Look at your calendar and see what you’ve done over the last week and month.

Jot down the organizing project you want to get done. Break it down into little tasks.

Now, all you have to do is schedule each task.

Calendar all the tasks you choose to do to get organized.

Remember, you don’t have to do any of this. You are choosing to!

Now they are all scheduled on your calendar.


Action work #3 – Do.

Do the tasks,

when you scheduled them,

in the amount of time you gave yourself,

no matter what. 

I say this in the kindest, most direct tone.

This is a skill I am working on and have been working on for a while.

I’m determined to get better at this.

It takes focus, determination, and follow through to do the task when I’ve scheduled it, in the amount of time I’ve given myself, no matter if I feel like it or not.


Action Step #4 – Think outside the box.

How can you do this job differently or without doing it all yourself?

Hire professional help? Schedule a family work day? Schedule your favorite charity to do a pick up – giving you a deadline to have a truck load of stuff ready for them to pick up? Decide ahead of time what you need to keep? Find someone who sells stuff online and give her everything – instead of thinking you are going to sell it one day? Empty out a room/cabinet/closet and start fresh?



How committed are you to your story that you don’t have enough time?

“I don’t have time” is not creating a simplified and organized life.

What if you had just the right amount of time but you’ve been allowing your brain to feed you the story that you don’t have time?

That thought, that story, has caused you to feel overwhelmed for years.

That story has caused you to create a cluttered, disorganized home. You’ve felt overwhelmed, not taken action needed, and therefore are creating your cluttered home because of your thought/belief that you don’t have enough time.

What if you had just the right amount of time? 

Just the right amount of time to organize your home!

Plenty of time to get your spaces simplified.

And, just the right amount of time to have some fun in the process!


Have you ever thought "I don't have time" to get organized? I share brain work and action work to change that belief and create an organized home and life. Have you ever thought "I don't have time" to get organized? I share brain work and action work to change that belief and create an organized home and life.

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