Ever wonder what to do with all of your jewelry?? Before deciding, think through this question: Do you have more drawer space, closet hanging space or more wall/over-the-door space? Once you figure this out there are three types of products I would recommend…

If you have more drawer space I would suggest velvet, stackable jewelry organizers that can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond or other similar stores. They have a wide variety for rings, bracelets and necklaces.

If you have more room in your closet hanging from a rod try this Hanging Pocket Jewelry Organizer. There are a several places to find these with a lot of variety as well.

If you have room behind your closet door or wall space in the closet, or close by, try this Over-the-Door Organizer with the option to mount it on the wall. It has a LOT of room for all types of jewelry! Here is a picture where I used it with one of my clients.

Whatever your unique jewelry situation think through which option would be best for you and have fun organizing, and possibly discovering, all of your jewelry!

Tracy Hoth