When you are sick and tired of organizing and all of it is stupid and you hate everyone and you just want to give up, how do you keep going?

How to keep organizing when you just want to QUIT.

I remember reading the message and instantly knowing I wanted to be a part.

It said there would be a contest. I love contests.

The requirements:

Send in a video of a five minute presentation, a sort-of mini ted talk, that will INSPIRE other life coaches. If chosen, you will present at the annual event and the winner will get an amazing prize. It can be live, in audio, or in video form.


That was my goal.

A day or two later, after running my morning mile, I had an idea for the presentation. I jotted down some notes. Wrote a script. Decided I was going to go 100% ALL IN. I worked out the details. Hired an amazing videographer. Shot the video and sent it in. It was so good!

I waited.

Then, I received the message:

Because of the number of submissions, we are choosing ten instead of three. You are one of the ten so please shorten your presentation to three minutes and send in the three minute video by this date. If we approve it, you will present at the event.

Interestingly, I was not excited…

It’s the perfect example that thoughts do cause our feelings. 

My friend, who had also submitted a video, got the same message and was “tickled” that her video got chosen! Out of the 85 submissions, she was one of the ten that were chosen. Plus, she only had to present a three minute presentation now.

I, on the other hand, was kind of “ticked” when I got the message. Yes, glad I made it to the finals. But, irritated that they changed the rules to a contest. Annoyed that I had to figure out how to reduce the video – what parts would I take out? And, upset that I was going to have to pay my videographer to edit the video. What if he couldn’t make it work and I had to reshoot it? Who changes rules in the middle of a contest? (Yikes, such snotty thoughts as I type them out now.)

Same circumstance. Two totally different set of thoughts. Two totally different feelings.

The Result

I reduced the video. My videographer didn’t even charge me. I submitted it. It played at the event. I waited over a week.

And then I received the message: “The winner is…”

Not my name.

I didn’t win.

Thoughts create feelings.

The same friend I mentioned above didn’t win either. But she had lovely thoughts that she really did win. She had accomplished so much just by doing this, by stepping out and sharing her story. She had decided she’d won before they announced the winner.

I, on the other hand, had different thoughts.

Maybe we’ll just skip my thoughts and show you the video first… Click here or on the picture.

Okay, now you’re back to see my thoughts? And how this actually relates to you organizing even though you want to quit.

I had a few “lovely” thoughts of my own.

This is all stupid.

I hate everyone.

Why am I even doing this?

That was all a waste of time…and money.

Those were a few of them.

I decided I wanted to feel miserable. I was going to do what I wanted to do and keep those miserable thoughts as long as I wanted to. And, I wasn’t listening to anyone that tried to tell me I was still a winner. I wanted to be mad.

I was choosing to think and feel that way. It wasn’t the fact that I had lost, it was because I was thinking those thoughts. A long time ago I decided I was willing to feel all the yucky parts of growth and self-development and being uncomfortable and trying things.

Going 100% all in and believing you could win and then not winning…Yuck.

I felt it and actually enjoyed sulking.

But, then what…

I didn’t want to go on sulking forever. What do I do when all I want to do is quit?

It all comes back to my WHY.  Why am I doing any of this?

For me, my mission is to…


That keeps me going.

I also want to grow as a business woman, be an example of what is possible for my children, learn new skills, meet new people, follow through on what I set out to do, glorify God in what I do, etc.

What is your reason for getting organized?

Why do you want to organize your home? Go into detail answering this question.

What do you want to do instead of feeling burdened by all your stuff?

Consider what kind of legacy you want to leave to your family members.

What philanthropic cause do you want to spend your time helping?

Maybe it’s a business you want to build?

Or, a special needs child or aging parent that needs your help with organized documents?

Your REASONS will keep you going.

Slowly those pretty feelings of mine faded and I took the next action, and the next action and the next action.

I’m using this video and the story around it to inspire you.

Your future self, the one two months from now, the one a year from now and the one 5 years from now is urging you to keep taking the next step.

Feel yucky every so often but then remember your reasons why and keep going.

Take the next action today.

If you need a little boost, a little encouragement, or honestly you just need someone to tell you exactly what to do, grab my FREE Quick Start Guide now.

How do you keep organizing when you all you want to do is quit?How do you keep organizing when you all you want to do is quit?

Tracy Hoth