Do you have any baskets that you want labeled but you can’t label them with labeling tape because it won’t stick? The answer… luggage tags!! My client found some at Target and had her toy baskets all labeled perfectly! Really quite impressive!! She’s like that! Here are the photos!































They are self-laminating luggage tags. Here is what they look like before:













Peel off the dog picture, insert your label and seal! After picture:







Here is another option (also a luggage tag) for the basket of balls:














  • You can search “self-laminating luggage tags” to find them. My client found hers at Target but I couldn’t find them online at Target. I found some here at Samsonite and here at
  • Use a Word document to type out your label with any graphic you choose. You could even take your own picture to insert.
  • Print them out on cardstock or a 3×5 card for a sturdier label.

How do you label your baskets?

Tracy Hoth